The “Degenerate” That Is Society

Social issues are a matter of strength and weakness and where you fall in your social views show your strength and weakness.

I have said to euthanize ALL non recovering homeless, crime committing drug addicts and people think that is wrong.

Useless, valueless people who are already essentially dead are a health risk to the population.

Sounds fucking evil!

Yeah, so does making excuses and pushing the agenda for pedophilia, as a sexual preference to normalize it and add it to the already degernate social agenda.

The gay pride parade that has naked gay men committing sex acts in public around small children is okay, yet Donald Trump offends these sick minded individuals with his words!

Hunting and eating animals is barbaric, but killing unborn babies is a women’s choice.

Replace first world people with third world people you get a third world country.

Feed and house illegal immigrants and allow our people to starve and live on the streets.

Our society continues to fall with the downfall of the traditional family and values, NOT raising children to carry on what their ancestors built.

This all part of the big plan which is by design by the political parasites who we vote in to tell us how to live, to make laws to slowly take away our freedoms. 

Good luck finding a husband and wife for your children, as men become women, as women become men, men who identify as six year old children, identify as aliens or think by dressing as animals makes it so.

Children are being exposed by the fucking sickos in society to embrace a degenerate lifestyle, that every one is equal, and that everything is interchangeable.

Kids will end up on more pharmaceutical drugs just to cope with what they naturally know is wrong as being pushed to accept sick behavior.

Only the delusional or stupid would think that mental illness is a strength!

I was raised old school, my kids were raised old school and my grandkids will be raised old school!

FUCK the fat shaved purple haired, tattooed woman who has the last six dudes names tattooed on her already sagging tits who had the guts after a night of drinking to climb atop the massive beast. 

FUCK the fat, bearded soy males who needs Viagra just to jerkoff from endless hours of porn abuse!

Wake up people.

Strength is hard, weakness and conformity is easy!

Johnny Grube


  1. It is quite a coincidence you wrote this , I just saw a Youtube video on the subject. Search “Modernity – Paul Joseph Watson. ” You will probably literally throw up .

  2. Rob, I actually seen it the other night.

  3. I think he is too accepting of gays but mostly he is absolutely right

  4. jonathan stephan says

    I am about to have a daughter, how would you raise her? thanks for the advice

  5. Disciplined. Capable. Be a strong man who is in charge, she will hopefully find a strong man eventually. NEVER accept a weak man she has to support.

  6. jonathan stephan says

    Roger. Is there a way a can speak to you over the phone? I will write down my email if that is ok for you. There are so many questions I would like to ask.
    – I was raised to be a bitch honestly. As a male trying to become a man, I find it troubling it is so hard to become something I was not raised to be.
    – I want my daughter, and all my children to grow up well, and to never complain about nothing. I want them to always seek answers for themselves and never depend on anyone.
    – How do I become in charge. I still feel like I do not make all the decisions.
    – I never had sex until I got married. I am having my first child soon. I am 26. I work 2 jobs so my wife does not have to work. My wife respects my work ethic but may times disagrees with my ideas for doing new things. I do however still do things I consider necessary doing.

  7. Keep doing what you are doing.

  8. Great article..

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