The Easy Way Out.

This is how it goes, we are either fat or looking to be juiced up
steroid freaks. This is how it works, the fat want the easy way
out through pills, magic shakes, t.v. meals and surgeries.

The men that want big massive muscle don’t want to work
they want it as fast as possible, the easy way they take the

We live in a society that only wants what comes easy, no one
is willing to put in the time. There is more to life then looking
for the easy way, there really is no easy way to lose weight
or build a body full of huge muscle as a matter of fact unless
you are willing to spend tons of money and a ton of time
you won’t accomplish what you want.

Your wallet will be lighter and you will be pissed off.

Remember your in it for the long haul not just for tomorrow,
and the worst thing is if you ever do get where you want it’s not easy
to keep you will continue to work harder if you don’t bye,bye fitness
or huge massive muscle it won’t wait around.

Work hard, and put in the time.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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