The Elites Are Destroying The Family!

If a man can’t provide for his family he can’t protect them, just as a man who can provide can’t always protect his family!

Society doesn’t take men seriously anymore. Worse a lot of women don’t take men seriously. Why? Social engineering!

Give women more power and take away the power of men. Why?  To Weaken society!

Men are weaker, and committing more suicide than almost at any other time.

Men and women don’t want to marry or have kids, why?

The elites have brainwashed young people into believing their answer to success is taking out incredible debt, going to college and getting a degree in subjects that will never qualify them for any job.

If you think colleges aren’t invested in keeping young people in debt why in hell would they offer useless courses, in things like Star Trek, Women gender studies, puppetry, pro wrestling, etc?

The elites are destroying society while lining their pockets, pushing their agendas and remaining in power.

The elites have actually convinced the easily led, that women are as powerful as men, are as tough, as strong and can do all jobs men can do.

Yet, where women fail to meet men’s physical standards in the military, police force or firefighting they continually lower physical standards, which helps no one and actually puts the citizens of our country and cities in danger!

Stay away from the cities if you are looking for good women, they are more likely have a feminist view, the men will be weaker with strong views of political correctness, who wear skinny jeans, drinking lattes, and these metropolitan women hold power over the weaker metropolitan men!

Men need to look for a women who was raised in an area where men hunt, fish, camp and is a blue collar environment, preferably who has a strong dad in her life.

Your ancestors built strong families or you would not be here, they suffered, they fought, they pushed on!

Today men would rather not have children or have a wife because of fear, the fear is you are not manly enough to keep a women long term.

Without strong families our society will disappear, and you destroyed the legacy of your ancestors, who once conquered!

Johnny Grube



  1. It fucking pains me to see more and more women working in warehouses , factories , delivering loads on trucks etc.. Men do not want to work . Yes you are indeed correct about the elites agenda but the fucking men as well are not like they once we’re. These fucking faggots hit 18 years old say there’s no one hiring and then their other complaint is oh there’s no good paying jobs out there . Last time I fucking checked manual labor jobs are paying the most . Not in all cases but majority. And the manual labor jobs are the ones giving overtime etc.. but these weak fucking men rather run to McDonalds, Metro PCS etc.. for jobs and then bitch there’s no money to be made . They rather work 3 days a week 4 hour shifts making minimum wage and then lie to people and to their selves that there is no good paying jobs out there . All because they don’t wanna work hard . FUCK EACH AND EVERYONE OF THESE WEAK DICKLESS BASTARDS !!! Men have truly lost their way. I will work from sun up and sun down to provide for my wife and child to be .

    And wtf is this shit with men staying home and having women work ?!?!? This is some of the most ass backwards shit I’ve ever seen . My wife doesn’t have to work I will work til I am purple in my face so she doesn’t have to . Stay exposing these weak fucks John. You have my support 110%


  2. Marovsky says

    Yes Johnny Grube, keep destroying these lies the elites put on us!!

    One day, war will begin!!!!

  3. Thanks brother

  4. Fuck them

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