The Elites Mass Mind Control

We will always be governed by elites, we don’t make any rules they are made for us, the elites need to control the heard or they need to destroy the diseased heard.

We are the sheep, the elites are the sheep dogs, the protectors of our society, but they are leading us to the wolves for slaughter by design!

We are brainwashed at every turn, through t.v., magazines, newspapers, social media, education and health care systems.

The media’s only objective has always been to control the thoughts of it’s citizens.

Social media is now in control.

Go to any college campus and look at all these young adults looking at their phones while walking, crossing streets, wearing head phones absolutely oblivious to anything going on around them.

This is how the elites are brainwashing the youth of today.

Media is the enemy.  Politicians are the enemy!

Control the thoughts of citizens they get the results they want, they know who are easily led, they know who are not.

It’s easier to control the weaker than it is to control the mind of the strong.

Men who resist the agenda of the masses, are ridiculed, ostracized, are conspiracy theorist, are the trouble makers because if you can’t be controlled you are a liability!

The elites agenda has always been to pick and choose who succeeds and who fails as a group, the weakest group is targeted and than attacked.

The elites know by keeping the poor in poverty, and holding them down with lies, they can and will keep the power.

The poor need money, they need food, they need health care and who offers more of it free, gets the power.

The elites know the poor are stupid, they know they have bad diets, will be fatter, sicker, have bad habits like smoking and drinking, and will require more pharmaceutical drugs, more doctors visits, and will eat the food pushed by other elites that have special interests in food manufacturing!

Food packaging is visually stimulating to the eyes with bright color packaging, and special placement, so you buy and eat more.

Sugar is an addictive substance, the elites in food manufacturing know this, so they add more, under different names to fool the masses, the elites know will not get any push back!

Mental illness is running rampant in today’s society, social media is creating mental illness. Men and women can no longer cope without taking a mind altering drug to keep them sane!

They want to take our freedom of speech, the rights to defend ourselves and families, these people are the enemy!

They want your money in over taxation or will take it by force.

They want your ability to defend yourself and family by disarming lawful citizens, while allowing unlawful citizens to prey on us.

They want  to destroy our cities and towns through culture diversity.

They want to continue to keep people in debt by offering college loans, for college subjects that will earn people a degree in nothing useful in any area of life, causing massive defaults on college loans.

Pay Attention You Fucking Dummies!

Johnny Grube


  1. I have been called crazy and insane for what I believe in, oh well, that means I am different among the normal, I am not meant to conform to the agenda.

    Keep kicking ass Grube!!!

  2. So true . Our taxes pay for mfks day in and out who are so called (RECOVERING DRUG ADDICTS) in my opinion they’re WEAK FUCKING PUSSY MEN !! Paying for these bums to sit home and do shit with their lives but watch tv , play video games , smoke drink and get free processed garbage food . They need to let these fucking junkies Rot and die . I have no pity for them at all . The only ones that do are the faggot democrats and the fucking Jesus freaks which go hand in hand practically. Fuck that bullshit you won’t catch me throwing my hard earned money into no ones fucking cup . And no one will ever make me feel bad about it either because it’s bad enough my taxes go to these fucking scum fucks . I wouldn’t piss on fire to put these mfks out . It’s a shame it really is . I love our country but the land of the free is literally be taking out of control. Lately it seems like it’s the Land of the Free Loaders ! Stay strong brothers and fuck these weak fucking embarrassment of so called men ! You’re the fucking man Grube ! No one on the net telling it like you are .

  3. Once again John you are are correct.


    It’s the worst thing we ever did here in Australia. We turned in our guns. The behaviour of our politicians is criminal. They rip us off with taxes at every turn. Close to 40% of my annual income goes to the government in tax. What do I get ? Jack shit for it. I call it stealing. The government wants obedient slaves. People who pay and do whatever they are told.

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