The Enemy Is Everywhere.

Everywhere you look is the enemy!

We are supposed to live a civilized life, we are domesticated animals who have been controlled by society to think and believe what they want us to think and believe.

If you think society cares about you, you are a fool.

People only care for you if they are family and close friends, your brotherhood.

If something happened to you or your family only you and family would really care.

People might have sympathy, but they don’t care, you’re on your own, they will care for all of about five minutes and then go about their life, soon to forget who you are.

Too many people “act” morally, defending others because of social pressure, these groups don’t give a fuck about you!

These people will try and take what you worked for, all your struggles doesn’t matter to the enemy.

If you were hurt on the job and where unable to work, who would be their for you?

Moral society?

Do you think people would care if you lost your home?

Why spend your time worrying about people in other countries that wouldnt feed you, wouldnt protect your kids?

Why not just step over a bum on the street and keep walking, you can’t help him, maybe with a few bucks, but he will be their tomorrow looking for more help.

Society helps and cares about people when it benefits them, when it doesn’t benefit them, they are thrown away, disposable trash!

Happy people are happy with their family and their brotherhood few others matter, look out for your tribe, build alliances with others.

Be careful most people are not worthy, not loyal they will cheat and steal from you and your family, especially when they know they can get away with it.

Build physical and mental strength, help people who earned your help, the constant leech is unworthy and should be banished from your life, he isn’t trust worthy!

The hypocrites who take the moral high ground, are the worst society has to offer. They are the unhappy, the degenerates that scrape the bottom of society. The ones that will take from you, the ones that want you to think like them, and act like them.

They are trying to brainwash you to the life of degeneracy!

Weakness is everywhere, destroy weakness, don’t let the disease of weakness in to your world, or they will try to destroy what you have worked for!

Get good at becoming a little uncivilized, protect your own people, your tribe, your brotherhood!

Johnny Grube


  1. Marovsky says

    I rather be called a lunatic than follow the mass.

  2. I’m not giving nobody a God dam thing ! These dirtbags hang on corners all day wanting handouts. My taxes already go to bums like that . They need to get off their asses and make shit happen

  3. Chuck,

    Please come down to Auatralia. I will vote for you.

    John, Once again you are correct. People need to help themselves. Nobody can make you happy but yourself. I don’t wait for other people to come along and fix my problems. If something is not right, I change it.

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