The Entitled Man Is A Loser!

FUCK men today!

Men are born wild!

Society wants weak men, weak men have weak kids, weak kids grow into weak males and cause weak societies.

I never heard of a man who ever thought he was entitled to anything, except what he worked for!

The Entitled Man Is A fucking loser!

I have never heard of men crying victim status until the last 10 or so years, men are rarely victims, victims usually create their own mental weakness drawing mental weakness from other weak minded people.

No capable man with any pride or value would ever allow another man to provide for him!

A man who thinks he is entitled for ANY reason is no man, but a boy, who will never be able to grow into anything that resembles a man, only a useless male.

Easy to find a useless male, they are the ones starting fights on social media, the unemployed, the ones who bring nothing to society, the ones collecting from the hard work of others.

Pay no attention to the man that needs other men to stand and fight for him, pay no attention to the man who won’t stand and fight.

A man can lose his strength, but a truly strong man will try and fight, he will change directions, he will continue with what he has and what he is able to do.

He won’t lay down and give up, he might want to give up, but he won’t, he will stay and fight!

Be the man that fights, NOT the man who needs others to fight for him.

Johnny Grube


  1. Fucking right , a true man realises all he is entitled to is what he earns by the strength of his hands and the sweat of his brow. The victim mindset is a downward spiral -if you think you’re a victim ,guess what , you probably are. People today just have no self-respect

  2. I have no respect and don’t waste my time with these types of people.

  3. They have God dam nerve feeling entitled . I see some of these weak bastards working behind counter tops serving coffee and donuts (A woman’s job in my opinion) And then they bitch and complain there is no money to be made out here today and that they can’t support their selves with income like that and then cry they need more pay. FUCK THESE WEAK BASTARDS ! Work like a man get paid like a man . That’s how I fucking see it

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