The Fat Hoarding Food.

Have you been paying attention to society and the weakness it has become from the self imposed weak and sick to the overly offended over words?

It’s really easy to see the fear by the way the fat have been hoarding food.

These land whales who hoard food are the sickest and weakest in society, they are the exact people that need less food!

I have seen entire freezers of frozen pizza, selves of ramen noodles, which I have NEVER eaten in my life, looted.

I have watched people fill their carts with soda and potato chips.

So I’m supposed to worry about the health of the self imposed sick who spend their lives putting themselves at risk?

Fuck them, fuck wearing a mask, fuck staying home!

If you are fat you fucked up, you put yourself at risk, I did not, so don’t expect me to change my life for a stranger that didn’t care about themselves!

Why should I or anyone we don’t know care about the welfare of strangers?

Thousands die every year from lifestyle diseases and I never hear anyone condemning these people for their choices, people will never lose a second sleep over people who die they don’t know.

I actually know a 30 year old who was overweight who died from the covid 19 a nice kid, and I was sad for his family, but it didn’t change my life, I got up and went to work the next day. 

Don’t conform to weakness!




  1. I just love the irony of people wearing face masks while shopping for booze and junk food that will kill them a lot surer.

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