The FREE Wanting, Opinion Giving Asshole!


I like to piss people off, to maybe put a fire under someone’s ass, to improve what ever
pathetic life they live, not everyone is a loser, but there are a few that want nothing
except free information or to give their opinion, and if they don’t get it they throw a

For some unknown reason these people feel that if YOU spent years spending your
own money, your own time and your thousands of hours of study over a life time, they
feel they deserve what knowledge you have acquired!

Fuck You!

You people that want free will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER listen to free.

All you want is advice so you can tell the person your asking for advice,  what they
just told you won’t work, so if you already know the answer, why are you fucking

Is it that it’s your fucking weak ego and your way of validating yourself – that if you ask
and you don’t like the answer, you are now allowed and vindicated to sit on your ass so
you can keep looking for more free information so you can start the cycle over.

Mean while telling the guy you just asked, or gave your unsolicited opinion that you are
in shape, yet never feel the need to validate your point through actual proof, even worse,
is when they say they have to prove nothing, oh yes, you fucking do!

Because if you can’t validate what you are saying you already fucked yourself,
everyone know that you are a fucking weak fraud, don’t tell me what
you can do, show
me what you can fucking do, if you refuse or can’t, shut
your fucking mouth!

I asked a guy one time, a boxing trainer, who I respect, or I would not have wasted his time
by asking a simple question. My question was, “what’s better to use an 80 lb heavy bag or a
100 lb heavy bag”? The answer, was a 100 lb heavy bag. Guess what I did?

I thanked him for his response, walked out in my gym, took down my 80 lb heavy bag and
hung up the 100 lb heavy bag, which has been up ever since! No questioning him, no telling
him what I thought, I just hung the fucking bag up!

You want advice be willing to pay for it!!!!!!!

If you pay for it there is a better chance you will use the information you paid for.

Your opinions don’t matter if you have no experience in what you are talking
about, you are more valid if you have some kind of proof, problem is most people
give opinions about things they have no experience with, and any idiot that takes
advice from another idiot is, well  – probably a bigger idiot!

An example would be you giving your opinion to someone who can dead lift 500 lbs
but you have NEVER dead lifted 400 lbs, if you see a guy doing a 100 pushups, but
feel they are done incorrectly, don’t give your advice unless you can show yourself
doing 100 pushups!

But these weak dicks somehow think they have the authority to  give advice, look at
any social media site and you will see this all day long!

Fuck your inexperienced opinion and your FREE wanting advice!

Pay your own way!

Shut your mouth, pay attention, until you achieved something!

Johnny Grube

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