The Genetic Theory

What do I mean about the genetic theory? I here from time to time about
how genetics play a big role in peoples lives. And they do, but I think a lot
of people use it as an excuse to be fat or to be weak.

There is genetic freaks out there, but the potential still needs to be worked
and worked hard. Some are stronger than others and that’s the way it is but
the fact remains we all have more potential than anyone thinks.

An example would be a mom lifting a car off her son, not a genetic freak just
a mother reacting to saving her sons life. I say it a lot, the mind holds all the

Years ago in the weight room in our teens we had a guy who could bench 280lbs
for 6 reps  but when 300 lbs was added he failed. On the next training
session we told him we put 280lbs on the bar but we put on 300lbs he got the rep
dropped the bar and said the bar felt a little heavier; than we told him it was because
it was 300lbs and not 280 lbs

This was routine  and no one knew when it would happen. Genetics do play a part and
for some a big part but it comes down to how will think and what we grew up believing.

My advice is to never compare yourself to someone else, just work hard and I promise
as long as you keep working most will not and if anything it will be the sear work that
gets you to the position you want to be.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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