The Greatest thing about Pushups

The greatest thing about pushups is the versatility.

Pushups are still one of the greatest exercises and
always will be.

Just the fact that you can do hundreds of different
pushups working the body from almost every angle
known to man makes the pushup a great tool for
complete physical fitness.

If you used pushups and sprints or jumping rope and never
did anything else you would become a freak of nature.

If you used this philosophy for a couple of months and
really did it almost every single day your body would
transform into a lean, athletic machine.

I can almost promise that because the way the body
will be worked by these two or three exercises any
thing else you try will become easier.

A workout of many different pushups and explosive
training like sprints, hill sprints or jumping
rope is all you would ever need to be high above
anyone else.

Try the experiment yourself and tell me your results.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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  1. This is my favorite post of yours. I entered the transformation challenge and will do only jumping rope and pushups everyday until it ends april 6th. Ill let u know my results.

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