The Gym Lacks Outdoor Function!

Fitness is FUCKED up today! People actually think an exercise like bench
press is a gauge of manly strength, and it is in the gym ONLY. This exercise
has little crossover outside the gym. I couldn’t tell you how many times I
have man handled men who had big bench press and huge arms.

The gym just has very little outdoor function and I will continue to
push for people that want real functional strength to get the fuck
outside and work in the environment.

I know of so many stories of men who lift big weights and hurt themselves
moving a piece of light furniture!


And of course men will always have anĀ  excuse that it could happen to
anyone, it’s NEVER happened to me!

A city environment is different than a rural or mountain environment when
it comes to strength and fitness, a man that is in a rural area or mountain area
who is outdoors often and that trains in a more rugged environment will be able to
handle the concrete flat surface, but the average trained person in the city would
get destroyed walking steep rugged terrain.

Men have to be more than just gym strong, they need to be outdoor

Maybe, if you are getting hurt a lot or get hurt in day to day life maybe your training
program is not working, what good are big lifts if they are useless when you really
need strength? What if your strength fails in a life or death situation? If you get
hurt lifting or moving a dresser what could happen if you are engaged in physical

I am ANTI Traditional Gym! Waste your time doing curls, waste your time listening
to no bodies telling you, you have bad training form, because the gym is only a
supplement to outdoor strength you are supposed to be strengthening the body
for a life time physical activity, not an hour four times a week.

If you hit the gym regularly but sit down and are inactive the rest of the day you are
never going to be as functional as you think you are.

Start paying attention to men that have the years of constant training, who are
physically active though out the day, listen to the man that is very durable!

Listen to the man who has proven over time that he is durable!

He might be strong physically, but he is weak mentally!

Strength Builds Toughness

Johnny Grube

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