The health care plan is your own fault.

So what’s up with this new health care plan being shuffled around. Listen I can care
less about political views because I don’t have any. But, I will tell you this I don’t like
being lied to.

How can the goverment make you pay for health insurance. Why isn’t my choice to
decide if I want healthcare or not. I know for sure in the last 20+ years I lost money
having health care.

I’m lucky to have healthy kids ,a healthy wife. Some people need to be insured but I
don’t think you should be fined if you aren’t  insured.

If we as a nation weren’t sick, fat and weak and we were able to take responsibility
and try  to stay fit and healthy cut back on some food and take a walk maybe we
wouldn’t be in this situation.

Think about it, most  physical and mental sickness is self induced. We have become
sick both physically and mentally and with all this science we still want to give
medication to the problem, instead of finding the problem lets throw a pill down
thier throat.

How many t.v. shows show pill after pill for a problem, and if you do decide to
take a certain pill you may have a list of side effects that you need more pills
for the side effect,then you have more side effects from the new medications
and it will never stop.

If we just took little steps to control our illness then we may be able to become
healthy and fit again. I have actually had people tell me that if the doctor told
them if they kept eating a certain food it would kill them, they told me you got
to die from something.

So am I to believe that people would rather die then give up food?

They figure life is only worth living as long as I can eat. Pathetic.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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  1. You’re absolutely right! I’m reading “Eat to Live” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman which emphasizes the science behind eating nutrient dense natural foods and its massive benefits. His formula is Health = Nutrients/Calories. Eating foods that pack the most nutritional punch per calorie. Right along your lines. Health care reform primarily has to do with the individual. 75% of the 2 trillion dollars spent on health care last year went to heart disease, trauma-related disorders, obesity-related disorders, and diabetes. How much of that could be prevented if we ate right and exercised? Alot! I just read that 1 out of 3 children born in 2000 wil likely develop diabetes! I wonder why?! Most of this is our own stinking fault with our terrible diet and lazy lifestyles, but God forbid a politician get on tv and tell the American people that. I love your site because it emphasizes personal responsibility. Alot of people today refuse to accept personal responsibility for their health. I guess its easier to blame the government or insurance companies. This same refusal of accepting personal responsibility reflects in other ways in our society too. You house was foreclosed and it’s the government’s or bank’s fault. Buying a house you could not afford or using your house as a piggy bank and having zero savings had nothing to do with it. What a joke! It’s amazing how many problems in our society today would be helped if we had a strong ethic of personal responsibility. You’re doing great work. Please keep it up.

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