The Heavy Bag a Great Training Tool

I think every one should own a heavy bag, a heavy bag is one of the greatest
workouts you can get. Punching the heavy bag as a regular workout will bring
great fat burning benefits not to mention the pounding of the bag will build
a good amount of upper body strength as well as training your balance and
foot work.

I have used the bag for years for punching  for lifting and tossing and it will
give you a workout in a short period of time. Most man could NOT throw
punches on the bag for 1 solid minute and very few will go for many more
than 3 minutes. It’s a tough exercise that should be used to build in your
physical fitness routine.

You don’t need to be a boxer to enjoy this, all you need to do id try it and
wait for the sweat it won’t long before it shows up.

If you combine heavy bag work, bodyweight exercises, jumping rope and
sprints you will become a legend in short order. Try it. I can guarantee
if you stick with a program using bag work, bodyweight training, jumping
rope and sprints for a few months your body and your level of fitness will
be far above most people.

Try 1 minute of heavy bag work – drop down for 25 pushups – skip rope
for 1 minute – 25 more pushups is one round continue a circuit like this
for 15 minutes if you can.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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