The Injury Attitude.

Why is injury a bigger thought than getting fit?

“ Mediocre minds usually dismiss anything that reaches
beyond their own understanding”

François de la Rochefoucauld

An excuse not to push harder and an excuse to take it easy and an
excuse to take time off, injuries happen but happen more often to
men and women that complain and are negative about exercise.

The men and women that make fitness and health a lifestyle don’t
seem to get injured as much as the part time trainer, why? Its mind
set and their values.

I don’t even like talking injuries, but so many experts talk about injury
on blogs and in the books they write I can’t think of a more boring
waste of time then writing about injury. I don’t even respond to people
that ask about injury, I’m no doctor and I know my own body and how
to keep it injury FREE.

I can’t figure it out with all the experts and high dollar machines and all
research done we want to talk sickness and injury, bad news gets press
good news gets a small section on the back page.

People thrive on injury and sickness because it gives them an excuse
that it’s not my fault, if I didn’t get hurt I would still be training. If you are
serious you should be not thinking about the day off, you should be thinking
how can I make myself better or how can I make it fun.

It’s your life and if you allow yourself to think injury or you allow the people
you train to think injury there is no reason to continue.

“You tend to get what you expect”

Follow the masses and get their results, follow the truly fit and get their

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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