The Isometrics Test!

I’m getting stronger and I training less!

I no longer train just to do exercises, yet continue to get stronger for my lifestyle.

Most people that are training are training for the gym, I train now for my particular lifestyle, my blue collar lifestyle and until a couple of years ago I trained for no other reason then to just train, now I’m figuring it out for myself.

Four years ago I read about a physical challenge from a strong man of doing 1×50 dead lifts with your bodyweight.

To me it didn’t sound that tough. But because I left all my weights in New Jersey when I moved  I would have to try it when I visited New Jersey.

So my next trip to New Jersey I went to my buddies where we had the weights, and attempted 1×50 with my bodyweight of 155lbs and completed the challenge despite doing no traditional dead lifting over 20 years.

I did struggle with keeping my grip and was breathing heavier despite doing a lot of conditioning work back then, it was four years ago the last time I did it.

I was surprised by how many tried and failed this challenge and they are people that spend a lot time in the gym, and I spend no time in the gym.

So I tried the dead lift challenge four years later despite training less than ever in my life.

For the last three years I have trained with mostly long holding Isometrics!

I wasn’t sure if I could compete it because four years ago I thought I was in better condition, but was I ?

My goal was to do 50 reps, I needed 50 reps or it was a fail. But I WANTED 60 reps, I focused on 60 reps, but 50 gave me an escape if it was all I could get.

I got 60 reps, easier and I had no trouble with my grip and could have gotten 70, probably 75 reps with the same 155 lbs training less and using mostly Isometrics!

I have seen the big results using long holding Isometrics for my blue collar work life, and lifestyle.

I will continue with Isometrics and see where they take me.

I love Isometrics  because I can do them everyday, all day, with anything that is around or whether I have nothing around!

I’m not trying to get you to do them, because I don’t care whether you are strong or weak that is your responsibility!

Johnny Grube


  1. STRONG SET – what isometrics do you think carried over to you being able to do this?

  2. Impressive John, you are what I think of when I look for an example of my definition of physical mastery.

    I want to teach that to my readers as a part of my mission to make white males great again.

    For that reason I refer them to you here and there.

    Good job

    Best regards,

  3. People who lift in the gym would most likely do a max of 12 reps , and many would only be going for their 1 rep max so this just shows the difference between gym training and real world fitness

  4. While people in the gym do their weak 6-12 reps two to three times a week, I would be at home doing push ups everyday, hitting numbers in the thousands. To add one more thing, fuck perfect range of motion.

  5. Few says ago i did 5000 pushups in 12 hour period,

  6. I could have done that in 2 or 3 hours easily.

    You need to see who you are calling out before you try and show your toughness.

  7. I am not calling u out,that was my first try,and i did it in 5 training hours,i have other stuff to do in between,but anyway…dont feel offended,i was refering to marovsky’s comment of thousends of pushups a day

  8. Offended? Nope! Just confrontational.
    You asked me if I thought I was as tough as Rich Froning.

    Drugged up athletes don’t impress me, they impress men who have a low self image of themselves.

  9. Tredwell Abrams says

    That is impressive. You think that your isometric horse stances, pushups, etc. were able to crossover and help with this? I am interested in training with isometrics. Where should I start?

  10. Anthony Romayo says

    My comments mirror marovsky’s. I do push-ups in big numbers added up over the week, in addition to my other four favorite exercises. I do 1 to 3 per workout with isometrics built in and also by themselves.. I have always responded well to them and will continue to use them. I couldn’t agree more on his ROM. comment. ROM is bullshit and I get better overall results from just doing push-ups in non lockout fashion. As JG says, ROM is a gym term, nothing else.

  11. Marovsky, is a beast bending steel, breaking nails!

  12. Marovsky says

    Even though I show proof to people that I bent nails, some don’t believe me haha.

  13. I believe you! What reason do you have to lie? People hate when they feel inferior!

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