The Jump Rope is a Serious Athletic Building Training Tool

One thing I am glad I decided to learn when I switched from heavy weight training
and putting on tons of weight was to learn how to jump rope.

Jumping rope was done by a lot of athletes from boxers to wrestlers to football players and when I switched to bodyweight training and wanted to lose 80 lbs I changed the way I trained and the way I ate.

One thing I started to do was practice jumping rope, I have messed around with a jump rope for years and even had an original heavy rope I bought in the 1980’s. But as I looked for more ways to become athletic again I went back to the jump rope and even though I had some heavy ropes I found that fast speed ropes brought me the best results building explosiveness, quickness, agility and a new world of conditioning.

I now use jumping rope in most of my training and love the effects it has on the over all
conditioning and the feeling again like an athlete. If you don’t add the jump rope in your
training you are short changing yourself.

I use a speed rope and sometimes a beaded rope depending on the weather. Speed rope
is for speed and if you want to be athletic and react ready you want to train fast! Train
slow and you become slow.

Jumping rope is cheap, and the benefits are amazing. When it comes to burning fat and building
lean athletic muscles don’t let the old school exercise fool you. Most of you know that many
athletes use the jump rope for  conditioning but most people will not even pick a jump rope up,
and it is one of the best tools you can use to keep you young and fast.

The great thing about the jump rope you can carry it anywhere even in your pocket. You can use the jump rope to make a already tough workout even tougher. You can use the jump rope with sprints, pushups, burpees, pullups, step ups, squats, jump squats etc. You will know that you just had an
effective ass kicking workout!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. I just wanna say that the stuff that is posted on here absolutely works. Every week I see results and improvement. All from bodyweight exercises. Thanks a lot for inspiring me to do this.

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