The Jump Rope can make you Amazingly Athletic

The Jump Rope can make you Amazingly Athletic

The jump rope is still not a piece of equipment many people
think of as important. If I had a choice to either run for fitness
or jump rope, jumping rope is my choice.

All the years I trained with weights skipping rope was never
ever a thought in my world. If you jumped rope I would have
thought you were doing nothing more than a school girl workout
waiting for a quick beaten!

It’s amazing how you can grow up training and miss such an
important piece of equipment that would have helped me in
all areas of my training, at least from an athletic stand point.

Jumping rope has been used for centuries by the greatest
athletes ever.

Rope skipping will build strength, explosiveness, quickness and
burn plenty of fat in very short amount of time. But like anything
else it takes a little practice to jump and this discourages people
from trying and getting better.

I remember when I tried to cross the first time it took some time to
get the first cross and after the first cross it became easier. I have
shown a few people over the years how to skip rope and as athletic
they were the jump rope gave them a challenge.

Skipping rope has made my legs feel younger, quicker and faster and
no matter how good you get you can always be challenged by changing
speed, going longer, you can run while you skip rope and you can use
jumping rope when doing sprints, hill sprints and bodyweight exercises.

The greatest athletes in the world still use the rope as a major part of training.
It’s amazing that a piece of equipment that costs a few bucks can give you
results that will give you amazing results.

I skip rope almost every day as part of my training; I use it as my rest between
rounds or sets. Or I use it as part of the workout, going fast and hard for time.
People that spend time learning how to jump rope will benefit tremendously
strengthen the body as well as building a leaner more muscular body.

One thing that jumping rope has done for me has shown me that simple exercises
that I would have never thought would be of much benefit really changed the way my
body has reacted to all types of sports that require explosiveness, agility, jumping
and stamina.

There are many types of ropes you can buy; I stick mostly with a licorice speed rope
or a beaded rope. I have weighted ropes and they are good on occasion to add a
little variety.

I personally don’t like weighted handle ropes and cotton rope is to light. I like my ropes
fast; I want to be fast, so I want a fast rope. Most ropes are around 9’ and they are a
good length, I prefer a shorter rope, the shorter the rope the faster it turns.

Give it a try for a month or two starting out slow and a couple times a week.
Working up to jumping three to five times a week.

A nice workout for the person advanced in jumping. Jump 100 times drop
down and do 25 pushups as fast as possible for 10 rounds.

Try not stopping or rest as little as possible, for a total of 1,000 jumps and
250 pushups.Try and go for 1 minute to complete jumping rope
100 times and 25 pushups.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. I’ve attempted jumping rope a few times to point where I was frustrated and saw it as a waste of my time. Credit to those who can do it. Plenty of other exercises like step ups can be done between sets of pushups.

  2. Jeff Sekerak has mentioned you numerous times and I am amazed with both of you guys! I have tried to jump start my training sessions and love the idea behind what you both stand for when it comes to training. As soon as I get the okay from the PT (recovering from shoulder surgery) I plan on adding jump rope to my repertoire. Thanks for the article!

  3. Dave Schaeffer says

    I’ve used jump rope training for 30+ years off and on. I agree it’s great for cardio. I especially like to combine it with burpees . Also, I use it for warm up even if my main workout exludes jumping rope. Sometimes I do just jump rope if my shoulders are sore or I ‘m lazy. Then I do intevals with short rest between.

  4. Johnny, couldn’t agree more. Nothing better than fast and furious a Speed Rope to mix in with the rest of your workout. Many beginners find it frustrating at first, but perseverance pays off in the end. Keep up the great work, love your site and videos. I am a regular viewer.

    All the best, at

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