The Keyboard Weakling!

Strength can only be attained by long hard work!

Strength isn’t and has never been built overnight.

Read all the experts, take all the supplements and if you don’t train hard you will stay weak!

Mindset is the biggest factor in building physical and
mental strength.

It’s easy to be a tough guy behind a keyboard but a different story when you slip up in a room full of strong men, but then again keyboard warriors never ever get

the chance to be around strong men. It’s why they are weak,they are of less value and looked down on!

You can always tell a weak man, he is the man that gives his opinion to someone who has put in the time, has accomplished some things and can prove it.

If a man won’t show anything, he is lying, with all the ways to show others what you you are capable of and still refuse to post anything, that is a weak man who should be dismissed immediately.

Strength also builds a strong attitude, weak men have weak attitudes, they look for ways to debate a man, yet they have never proven themselves.

Weak men are of less value than a strong man, plain and simple!

Weak men who attack strong men behind a keyboard tells you the type of weakling he is, a man that has an issue with another man will call him out face to face and then have to answer for what he has said!

It’s easy to be strong in a room full of geeks!

Strength can NEVER be built sitting behind the keyboard surfing the web reading about strength, strength is built through actual hard work!

Don’t be a FUCKING pussy! You got something to say, validate your opinion has validity or SHUT THE FUCK UP! So real men can continue to educate weak men that want to be educated about strength and fitness!

Weak Men Have Less Value!

Johnny Grube

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