The Life You Lead IS The Lesson You Teach.

“The Life You Live Is The Lesson You Teach” seen this on a church sign even though I’m not religious it’s absolutely the truth.

For all my haters, it’s only because I don’t live a life of a degenerate, because I call out weakness, because I call a pussy a pussy, because I call out people on their bullshit.

The haters are addicted to being losers who use porn, video games, booze, drugs, gamble, smoke, lie, cheat and steal and then are offended that the hard do the best they can to master themselves.

I have little empathy or compassion for people who choose to make bad decisions and blame others because they can’t exercise control.

I will not go backwards in my views or values, to follow a society that is completely hell bent on the destruction of society.

An example today is college kids taking out $100,000 in college debt and majoring in Lesbian Dance Theory and then wondering why their $100,000 investment is not paying off.

While they complain how wronged they were into taking responsibility for signing a loan that they were capable of saying no to.

Now they want tax payers to pay their loan off! Yeah, fuck you!

Get your stupid parents to pay your stupidity off, they are a big reason you are in debt with their guidance.

These dummies will have paid for an education with no return on investment, and than hate on people with no formal education who have no debt, earn a living, can afford a home in a safe neighborhood while raising a family.

College kids are unhappy spoiled brats, who feel entitled.

These kids come from parents who live their lives through their kids because they are usually underachievers who feel little Suzy and Billy are special.

When you intentionally hurt yourself physically and mentally I will never show you compassion, commit suicide, drug overdose, eating yourself into disease is your personal responsibility, you chose it and don’t deserve compassion.

But, because I don’t live like the average person I piss people off by calling out stupidity.

I raised my kids in a home of no bullshit, harsh reality, that life isn’t fair and that no one is entitled.

They were taught hard work, a work ethic, discipline, fitness and eating good with no booze, or no drugs in the home.

They struggled with my rules, and acted out in high school, they weren’t rewarded for failure, they weren’t rewarded for doing what they should be doing.

But, occasionally they were praised but it was rare. And my grandkids will not get praised for getting participation trophies.

I had my girls doing pushups or climb a mountain if they wanted to get off punishment, they had a choice to stay in or doing a physical challenge and be released.

They always picked the physical challenge.

Had my son dig and refill in holes for eight hours with a break and lunch for punishment for no other reason to show him what work is like.

Harsh? Oh well.

They all graduated high school, they all have jobs, supporting themselves raising their kids with great values, with no bullshit. 

My kids aren’t doctors or lawyers they are good wives, mother’s and father’s and that does make me proud.

I don’t brag about my kids, like most parents who feel that a college degree is all mighty while their kids can’t get jobs, will never give them grandkids, maybe grandcats and will continue to live with them because they learned no skills except entitlement.

So yes, the life you lead, IS the lesson you teach!


  1. Marovsky says

    Well shit, that means when I go to college (forced), I gotta find a major that would best work for me and ME only. I couldn’t give a shit about taking a class that would make me more politically correct.

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