The Man That Plays The Victim, Is The Weakest Man Of All!

People that complain the most and cry about how their lives sucks, are the ones that
live with the worst habits and addictions.

Smoking, alcohol, drugs, gambling, porn, excessive food, are all used to destroy life.

People use these addictions to escape a life they created, and continue to make excuses
for a situation they created!

You’re an alcoholic because YOU started drinking, You’re a drug user because YOU
decided to take drugs, You’re fat because YOU decided to over eat the wrong foods,
You’re poor because YOU decided to buy material things you didn’t need!

Always the victim, never taking responsibility, or accountability, for the decisions
they make, it’s everyone but them!  Selfish pricks! Sympathy whores!

Want a better life? Get rid of the fucking excuses and replace your bad fucking habits
with ones that improve life and not ones that destroy it!

No One Is Responsible For Your Pathetic Life, Only You!

Johnny Grube


  1. BrooklynChuck says

    FUCK YEA!!!!!!!!!

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