The One Brutal workout everyone hates, but I love!

The One Brutal workout everyone hates, but I love!
What’s the one workout everyone has done at least one time in
their lives and hate? Furniture moving, anyone who has ever
moved or helped someone move knows that it is tough.

As a matter of fact unless you are family or a great friend you
would probably do whatever you can to avoid helping.

Furniture moving is a very demanding type of exercise because
nothing you move is the same you use many different muscles
your body moves in so many directions. Hands are positioned
in different positions with each piece of furniture. Furniture is not
traditional weights. It’s not balanced or have a round bar to grip
it’s awkward, it’s moving forward and backwards and sideways,
it’s twisting and turning. It’s bending and squatting, it’s pushing
and pressing its holding and standing.

It’s no secret that I’m a laborer. I grew up around it my whole
life and have been doing it for over 30 years. Today, gyms and
training programs are tailoring their fitness programs around this
labor type training. Because it builds strength you cannot and
never could build in a gym.

You can get strong in the gym but you get gym strong. I was gym
strong and it will help but the strength you get from simple basic
exercises like carrying and shouldering moderate to light awkward
weights for time and distance will build a toughness that will build
the mind and body.

This past weekend I drove 4 hours to help my daughter move and
me and my 26 year old son-in-law unloaded and loaded the truck
he goes about 6’2 and 220lbs and I was running him ragged.

I never broke a sweat; I was running up and down the stairs back
and forth grabbing couches, mattress, dressers etc

He was breathing heavy and the sweat pouring off him. Of course
I was teasing him about him sucking air and sweating and he tells
me normal people sweat.

I tell this because you can bench press 400 lbs in the gym and
the awkward size of a decent size couch will put a hurting on
someone especially if you walk far enough and have to hold it
for long periods of time.

One hundred pounds is not one hundred pounds. Grab a
100lb barbell and press and it and it would probably be easy
grab full size dryer around 100 lbs and carry it from the basement
up the stairs to the truck all by yourself most likely it won’t happen.

I have carried full size dryers and have carried dressers up and down
the steps with no help on many occasions and if I didn’t train my
body for real life strength I would not be able to do these things.
So if you want to build a strong body, grab a hold of something a log
a rock, a sand bag or a heavy bag which I prefer because of the difficulty
handling it because of the size.

I also will do step-ups shouldering weight or holding weight in front
of me while doing step-ups and just simple training with awkward
objects on a regular basis will strengthen your entire body.

I no longer pick up anything with a bar if it’s conventional I will not
use it. Try training like this for a while and wait until you see the changes
in your conditioning and strength.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Very practical esp for desk jockeys who need a total body workout. I like to pick up object from gound then walk back and forth ten paces, put down and repeat. As you have said, it works total body w/o separate movements for lats or traps, etc. Of course, like alll of your advice, it is simple but not easy.

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