The Over Training and Wearing Out Theory only exist in the Mind of the Weak

One Secret I learned after 30 years of training and manual labor
this what I learned

Let’s talk a little about how the experts and the majority
want you to believe in the over training theory or the wearing
out theory. This is my opinion this is not something from a
book it’s something I have come believe and been a part of,
after 30 years of training and 30 years of manual labor and
found that over training and wearing out is a gym term.

The body has been used for millions of years for survival,
and it is made to be used for whatever it’s needed for, we
have imposed these bull shit limits on our selves.

The only place these terms exists is in the gym, and most
people use it as an excuse to not train. Just because you
feel worn out after a few days in the gym doesn’t mean it’s
over training. As a matter of fact the way the majority of
people train is to use isolated movements and to train
one or two body parts 4 days a week an hour or two,
four days a week and take three days off to recover
you’re not over trained your under trained.

Okay, follow me here, walking is considered an exercise
and most everybody does every day and whenever they
need to get from point A to point B. You can walk all day
every day 7 days a week for hours, but I don’t hear about
the legs being over trained.

So if you walked on Monday a couple of miles and where
sore would you lay in bed all day to recover? I hope not.
The legs, just like the rest of the body responds to the
labor you feed it. If you have children, and when they
tried to walk and they tried and tired gaining balance
and strength, did you stop them and rest them the
next day? I hope not.

One more observation before anyone say’s that the
upper body has smaller muscles and they need more
rest. Let’s look at a wheel chair athlete or for that
matter anyone that uses his arms as the way of getting
around. Their arms and grip don’t get weaker, it gets
stronger. Should they stay home the next day to rest
their arms? No. And they wouldn’t anyhow.

Ever since I dropped all the complicated training programs
and stuck to the basics physical fitness is at a higher level
than ever. Just like anything you try too many different things
you spread yourself to thin and accomplish very little, and
you wonder why you are not improving.

The Workout! 10 minutes.

What you need is:

Something sturdy to jump up and down on like park bench
Jump Rope

Really simple but brutal.

For 1 minute, start with finger tips on the floor now jump as
fast as possible up and down on a bench, each time the
finger tips hitting the floor on each jump, touching
the top and right back down. No stepping down. Two feet
hit the top the same time they hit the ground the same time.
You go as hard as possible.

Then jump rope for 1 minute. This is one round repeat for
10 minutes the sweat will pour off.

Finish off with 100 pushups done as fast as possible.

It sounds easy but after you work the legs like this and the way
you will be breathing 20 won’t be easy. Do as many as possible.
If you can’t finish in one set grab the jump rope and jump until
you can get more until you get to your 100.


Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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  1. johnny hi read your article about over training and i agree with you i work in a sawmill and i walk to work everyday nearly one hour each day and do pushups everyday and i have no problems but can i do that workout you talked about every day as it sounds like a good one

  2. johnny hi just read your article on over training can i do this workout every day i eagerly await your reply
    from anthony in australia

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