The Power Of Body Weight Training!

This was a Mental Toughness workout given out by world class strong man
Bud Jeffries, the problem is most people never try any workout that might
humble them, it might smash their fragile fucking ego!

I occasionally test myself and the 1×50 reps on the dead lift using my body weight
of 155 lbs was put out there by one of the strongest men in the world Bud Jeffries
look him up, as a mental toughness workout. I haven’t done a traditional dead lift
at this time in over 20 years, but I figured I would give it a try, even though I
was pretty sure I could complete it.

I was sure because of my job of being a labor and my great conditioning! Pretty?

But what the fuck do I care if my form was correct? A dead lift is
a good
dead lift when you stand the fuck up with it, plain and simple!

The next time I tried it again, with no other training I tried 185 lbs for 1×50
30 lbs more than I weighed and I completed that too! I haven’t seen anyone
post their 50 yet! Apparently it is extremely difficult to complete, but I did
it the first time, so how can a person who doesn’t train the exercise do what
other strong men can’t do?

I did another test of dead lifting 135 lbs for as many reps as possible for one
hour and ended with 505 reps!  Doesn’t sound tough, give it a try! The total
weight lifted was 68,175 lbs! Not bad for NEVER doing it before!

If it doesn’t seem like a lot I will put up some other
numbers for you to equal the weight I lifted.

300 lb dead lift for 227 reps.
400 lb dead lift for 172 reps.
500 lb dead lift for 136 reps.
600 lb dead lift for 114 reps.

So, does any man know of any man who is NOT a world class powerlifter
that could
handle this work load? Did I mention I’m a FUCKING truck
driver, who doesn’t lift
traditional weights?

Did I mention I did it on 99.9% bodyweight workouts, with NO tradional
weight training at all?

Don’t doubt the power of  bodyweight workouts, don’t doubt the power of doing
hundreds and thousands of reps, most people can’t handle the physical and mental
pain of a massive work load. Most men will give in let know that it will not work
and you will not build size, what the fuck do I care about size?

I fucking weighed 240 lbs and could hip belt lift 1,200 lbs and
squat 600 lbs and it was a fucking

Advice, always listen to men who have been there, Never listen the
that are afraid to go there!

Toughness Builds Strength!

Johnny Grube


  1. Yeah Troy for 50 reps, 30lbs more than I weighed. I don’t
    train for it yet still completed it.

    Send me where I can see someone else dead lifting
    their bodyweight 50 times.

    So you can’t clean and press you own bodyweight?
    what are you weak fuck or a fat fuck?

    Because you just told me how weak you are I will
    have to block your comments!

    And the clean and press is useless outside the gym.

  2. Your deadlift feat is a display of strength endurance versus maximal strength. I agree doing high reps trains those muscles for endurance. However, there is NO translation to being able to lift heavy, i.e. 400-500 I lbs. I’ve done 50 reps of 185 with a bodyweight of 175. It was tough and the lower back was a little sore the next day. I don’t deadlift either. However, I will admitt that 70 lb kettlebell swings every other day conditioned my body to handle the test, not the push-ups, pullups, dips, bodyweight squats or lunges. If I wanted a 400 Ib deadlift then I would train the deadlift.

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