How the Power of Pain can Change your Life.

The Power of Pain

We do whatever we can do to eliminate pain from our lives, but
do we really?  People that smoke know that it’s bad but still
do it anyway, why? Because, it would be painful to give up
smoking, people that are overweight are overweight because
the thought of giving up food is painful.

People don’t exercise because in the beginning there will be
pain. We do whatever we can to avoid pain. Avoiding pain
is a good thing sometimes, but not all the time. Most use
pain as an excuse for everything, and this is bad.

Let’s take over eating for example, people that have a tough
time with food and go on diet after diet only to fail time and
time again will reward themselves with food and that is the worse
reward for an over eater, An alcoholic can’t reward themselves with
alcohol, get the idea? The reward program never worked for me
and it hasn’t worked for anyone I have ever known, and I think
the reason is most leave an escape route.

They make the reward a take it or leave it reward, meaning if an
overweight makes buying new clothes their reward for a specific
amount of weight they lose the only problem is they will buy
themselves new clothes, the problem is they will buy clothes
either way when their needed.

Using rewards make it too easy to let yourself down and fail, I use
the pain principal. The pain principal is only to be used if you are
willing to commit. If you don’t commit to your cause you will feel
worse because you have lied to yourself, you have let yourself

I want to tell you what I have used to get over my sweet tooth
and all goals I set. I use exercise for the pain, I love exercise
and I will do it either way; but there are certain things I’m not
willing to put myself through for a cookie, chocolate or a piece
of cake.

I use the dreaded 100 prisoner squat thrusts as my way to keep
me straight, meaning if I wanted a cookie I owe 100 prisoner
squat thrusts two cookies 200 prisoner squat thrusts, any
activities I want to get done for the day and miss equal 100
prisoner squat thrusts. Every morning I do 100 prisoner squat
thrusts and I pay the price every morning, but I don’t want to
to do anymore if not necessary. I won’t let myself down because
I committed to this and have not slipped up and it’s been a while.

Want to get things done set yourself a pain system, if you
have a sweet tooth make it so you have to do 100 pushups for
every cookie you eat or every beer you drink, and commit to
it, if you commit and don’t see it through all your doing is
lying to yourself and there is nothing worse than lying to

A little unconventional but seems to work. Try it for one
thing you are having difficulty with, but only if you can keep
your word to yourself.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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