The Pushup Expert

The pushup expert

Every man thinks he knows how a pushup is supposed to be done and
there isn’t just one way, everyone thinks the military puts out these
fitness machines and the only reason they do it because they have to.

For every military man that stays in shape after the military there is
thousands that never train or do a pushup again.

So what are the pushup standards? Most of the so called experts on how
a correct pushup should be done couldn’t do more then 50 at most.

So who are the pushup experts? In my opinion it’s the man who does
them day in and day out and has for many years, the man that that
keeps pushing, the man that can do thousands.

So where did the pushup standards come from? I think most people feel
the military way “slow and strict” is the right way.

My thoughts on pushups and seeing have done probably over a million in
my life time about 30 years of training I think I can give my opinion about

It really doesn’t matter unless you are competing in pushup competitions
and most are not, so what’s the big deal?

If you want to do them strict and slow go ahead and just because you think
that’s the correct way doesn’t make it right or wrong.

Is an overweight gym teacher who can’t do 4 pushups an expert? How
about the prisoner spending time in jail, is his way right?  What about the
man coming out of boot camp, with only weeks of training?

There are so many ways and so many different pushups and most are wasting
time worrying about the next guy and the way he does his pushups.

I like to do my pushups fast and explosive it works for me, it trains me the way
I need to train for what I want to do.

I said it before train slow and become slow, train fast and explosive and become
fast and explosive.

Sprinters that want to get faster, train for explosive power and speed, they don’t
go out and train by running a mile sprinters train for what they need to do.

Another thing that gets thrown around that if a guy 150lbs can do 100 pushups
but a guy who weighs 200lbs can only do 50, it’s because the 150lb guy is lighter,
yeah no kidding, it also means that the 200lb man isn’t as strong pound for
pound using his own bodyweight.

One way to get better at doing pushups is to start doing pushups, because you
will never find the pushup answer you are looking for, train and try different
techniques and find out what works best for you situation.

One more thing, if you want to get better at pushups or anything find someone
that is good at what you want to know and find out what they do. Keep asking
people that are no farther along than you, and you will continue to get the same
results and never move ahead.

Want to build explosive pushup power check out “The How to Build
Explosive Pushup Power Training Manual and stop bitching!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

P.S. I will be attempting two more world records this weekend
in  Altoona Pa both are Burpee records and in January I will
be attempting three step ups records


  1. Bonginkosi Myeni says

    I can now do more than 100 consecutive push ups in 2 minutes.

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