Bodyweight Training – The Real Secrets about Prison Fitness and Strength.

The Real Secrets about Prison Fitness and Strength.

So why is everyone so juiced up about prison fitness?
What is prison fitness? And why is it so effective? Prison
fitness seems to be a real interest to a lot of men and the
reason is the so called level of fitness these prisoners
achieve behind bars.

Do these prisoners have some type of secret? Do they
have some type prison fitness coach? So why do these
prisoners get this reputation as being super human?

What tricks do they have? To the average man
the prisoner level of fitness is legendary, but what makes
the prisoner fitness different then other training programs?

So what secrets do these criminals have? How many super
conditioned prisoners are educated in the book sense? Do
you think there are certified strength coaches in prison? Do you
think most prisoners were long time fitness trainers who got
a bad break?

Do you think most prisoners that were murders, drug dealers,
sex offenders, drunk drivers, men that are in jail for any violent
crime were going to the gym on the outside? It’s a well know
fact that men that live life drinking and doing drugs are health
conscious, not to mention fit ( a joke ).

If these men enter prison having abused their bodies through
booze and drugs most of their lives what makes so many think
that these men go to prison and become super fit, what gives
them the key to the fitness kingdom?

Do these men stop being criminals and become super athletes?
No, most become and stay violent criminals and most criminals
are weak minded cowards that could not live in today’s society
without stealing, robbing, running in gangs and trying to hurt
weaker victims.

The only difference these men have is time; they have nothing else
to do. The men that get really physically fit spend more time at it than
most other people; you don’t go into prison 130lb weakling and become
a 200lb super criminal in a month.

If you spend all your days in a small prison cell, what could you do
with no job and nothing but time? You may here of a few prisoners
that are super strong and super fit but the reality it’s a very small

Super fitness is not for the weak minded it takes time and a lot of
sweat to get to a super level of fitness whether you are in prison or
on the outside, there is no difference and no secret training program
building a super race of super prisoners.

So if prisoners are doing the basics of pushups, pull-ups, situps,
squats, leg raises, handstand pushups, prisoner squat thrusts what’s
the secret to the so called super level of fitness? It’s the time put in,
it’s doing the exercises hundreds and thousands of times over many,
many years building a hardening of the mind and body.

Most prisoners are not in shape, most are still out of shape and will
never be in shape because just like in the street they were lazy in
prison they are lazy.

Over years and hundreds of thousands of reps is what builds an
extremely strong body, not the 3 days on one day off type of training
or the split training it’s the everyday training that makes the difference
in real physical fitness and strength.

So, instead of thinking the prisoners have some secret training method
and secret training coach just know it’s the time put in on an everyday
basis and training for survival that makes the difference.

Here’s a workout you can do in small place with no equipment and
using only two exercises.

Do 25 Prisoner Squat Thrusts – 25 4- Point Jump Squats ( legs a little
wider, squat down touch the ground with your finger tips and jump 2 to 3
inches off the ground)

Switch back and forth as long as you can, do as fast as possible try
and keep the time for each round under 1 minute and 15 seconds
meaning 25 Prisoner Squat Thrusts and 25 4- Point Jump Squats
should take no longer than 1 minute and 15 seconds to complete
and go as long as you can, if you can go for 5 minutes with no
rest that’s great.

This will be to brutal for most people but see where you are
and how long you will go most will have trouble with 2 minutes.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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  2. They may not have any secrets but prisoners generally have two things that many people don’t have…time and mind-set.

    If most people had more time I am sure they would be willing to put forth more into their fitness programs.

    Also, if people realized how important fitness is to their survival they might be more inclined to put forth the effort. That’s the difference. Many of those prisoners know that if they don’t stay fit they may not make it long enough to be released, It’s about the mind-set.

    Even with the most basic and simplest routine, people without the time and the mind-set will find an excuse.

    Just my thoughts.

  3. Mike Toller- how about you go and try and do 200 pushups and then finish it of with 100 step ups then see whos talking you retard

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