The Reason I don’t Do Heavy Overhead Presses Anymore!

A lot of men out like to question my motive for leaving some
exercises out of my training. One exercise I no longer do
is heavy presses.

Well, after being able to push press off a rack 285 lbs for
a couple of reps I realized that I really have ever had to
EVER put mush more than 60 or 70 lbs and 100 lbs even
more rare.

After 35 years of manual labor I found on loading docks,
on construction sites, in foundries, in the gas well industry,
house building, roofing, welding shops, junk yards, furniture
movers or farmers etc you will NOT find much use for a 300 lb
or a 200 lb over head press.

There is a reason men have more shoulder injuries than
quad injuries. Shoulders are small for reaching overhead
and putting light to moderate weight overhead.

If you are training for something specific than have a great
time, but heavy barbells don’t transition to awkward oversized

When I worked on the loading docks we had feats of strength
and pressing a 220 lb piece of thick steel is a lot tougher
than a 220 lb barbell.

In labor jobs carrying and shouldering are a real strength
that is needed in most labor jobs.

Look in other mountainous countries were people labor
on the land, watch the farmer, not much of a reason to press
real heavy things.

A wrestler has not much of a reason to press heavy weights over head
neither does an MMA person.

Try filling a cooler with 100 lbs of ice and without taping it up
try and wrestle it over head, very different than pressing a
barbell of heavier weight.

Train for what you need, don’t do¬† exercises if they have
no value other than just training.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Dude you seriously don’t know how long I’ve been trying to find a site like this .. You have a common sense outlook on lifting , I respect that.. And you have tons of useful info .. Count me as a subscriber to your channel now.

  2. a sandbag or rock is of course much more awkward to lift. we can agree on that. and shouldering and loaded carries are the best weight exercises one can do. no reason to argue here.
    like devin i like some of the points you make, but some are sometimes just hilarious, at least to me.
    but that post is a better one. keep it up.
    good night.

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