The Signs You’re An Effeminate Bitch!

Here are the signs you are a failing man.

1. You have longer hair than your girlfriend or wife.

2. You have marched in a women’s protest.

3. Your women decided you are now a vegetarian, and you complied.

4. You think men and women are equal.

5. You buy into the thought women are victims, just because they are women.

6. You watched the movie “Broke Back Mountain”!

7. You have cried watching a chick flick.

8. You have never lived on your own.

9. Your women makes all the decisions.

10. You’re easily offended by words.

11. You have called someone a racist or Nazi for disagreeing with you.

12. You admit and identify as a feminist.

13. You have more female friends than male friends.

14. If the phrase “Toxic Masculinity” offends you.

15. If you vilify stength,and embrace weakness.

16. If you believe being “Transgender” is normal.

17. You think weakness equals strength.

18. You train at “Planet Fitness”.

19. You believe everyone is equal.

20. You think “Flip Flops” are mens every day footwear.

21. You prefer soy over steak.

22. You start social media arguments while hiding your identity.

23. Your women dresses you.

24. Your women is stronger and tougher than you.

25. You are afraid of women.

26. You became a vegan to only save the planet.

27. You put a “I’m with her” bumper sticker on your car, and proud.

28. You are anti gun.

30. If you ever wore a “Pink Pussy Hat” (cause it’s as close as you will get to pussy).

31. You think not killing animals, is more important than killing unborn human babies.

32. You believe America has a rape culture, but the middle east does not.

33. You have never been in a fist fight.

34. You have never been punched in the face.

35. You think bullying is bad.

I’ll throw in a 36th

If you have ever been offended by President Trump you are effeminate.

Add your own in the comments.

Toughen Up Sissies!

Johnny Grube


  1. 36.They wear superhero shirts lmao

  2. Marovsky says

    36. Being an internet warrior. Haha!

  3. Americans, keep your guns. Do not let the government take your guns. The public are heavily armed and that is the only thing that prevents the government from pushing you too far. Bit by bit, your country is turning into a police state. Much like Britan now is.

  4. I am English and can only agree with Paul

  5. Perhaps guilty on one count
    21 -I don’t eat meat because I absolutely fucking hate it. I am glad other people eat it because you are keeping me in leather.
    I don’t like soy products. I like some Quorn stuff , don’t know if you have this outside Britain.

  6. 37 You wear nail varnish
    38 You wear skin tight jeans

  7. Jim Bray says

    Wild man, we may be related.
    . 36. If you have stood by while some idoit was hurting a child or a woman.

  8. Jim Bray, related!

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