The So Called “Alpha Male”

Today’s so called “Alpha Male” is as weak as what men consider “Red Pill” men!

First, talking about who is or who isn’t an alpha male is a new concept written by pick up men who wrote books on picking up women, I can guarantee in my world they would not be considered alpha males.

All men know where they stand in the hierarchy of men.

There is a lot of talk about being an alpha male, written by men who spend all their time writing at home and only getting experience in a coffee shop or their trip to their juice bar gym.

In my environment if you walked around telling everyone you were the alpha male, you would have been laughed at, had your balls broken, been ridiculed.

Men knew who could be fucked with and men who you didn’t fuck with, all on reputation!

A big mouth will always be called out.

Your big mouth will get you in the parking lot to prove your worth.

A white collar job puts all men in at the same level sitting in a cubicle, while getting weaker physically and mentally!

White collar men usually work in a co ed environment, where they can’t act like men.

To know what an alpha is, you need to spend your life in a man dominated environment to see where you fit in.

Spending your life in men dominated activities like sports, martial arts, pro wrestling, manual labor etc you learn quick were men stand!

Working in a blue collar environment you quickly find your place.

To even be considered to be in a hierarchy of men in your environment you have to earn respect!

Respect comes from the toughness and strength you exhibit every day.

Men look for weakness in other men.

An example are men who are looked at as weak are men who continually get sick or get injured and continually miss work.

Another are men who talk behind others back, who are afraid to confront another, just like keyboard cunts, get no respect.

In over 30 years of blue collar work I have called out less than 10 days and less than five were from sickness or injury!

If you only called out once a year for 30 years that would be 30 days which would be impressive, only missing one day a year, I have missed less than 10 days!

Men who came to work every day were harder than guys who missed five days a month and were considered soft and got little respect!

No one cared about your feelings, political correctness didn’t and couldn’t exist and any weakness, physical, mental or personal was attacked!

The weaker you were the more your balls were busted, either you got stronger or you found another job.

But, being a sneaky pussy was not tolerated.

But, today men hide in anonymity thinking they are a ” Keyboard Alpha Males” all swelled up, following movements like “MGTOW” or “Incels” because they aren’t capable of holding on to a women, because women don’t respect ” Keyboard Alphas” .

Being a “Keyboard Alpha” just means he thinks he is the toughest guy in his environment, but the fact is if you live with your mommy she is actually the alpha, because she is taking care of her “Man Child” who is afraid of any interaction with a women or man.

But, until men decide to step out and get out among real men, you will never know where you fit in.

“Keyboard Alphas” will always be at the bottom of the hierarchy of men!

Johnny Grube


  1. How in the fuck does a man call himself Alpha if he doesn’t get his hands dirty . How is a man Alpha is he doesn’t pay his own rent . How the fuck is a man Alpha if he lives in his mom’s basement . How is a man Alpha who writes all day on how to reject women and practically hate them . These fucking pitiful men are delusional . When I was growing up if you didn’t work and pay bills as a grown man you were made fun of and looked down on . Today it seems to be an accomplishment to let your mommy buy you the newest clothes and stay on the porch all day talking shit with weak men and not working . That is a God dam embarrassment if you ask me .

    Stay exposing these weak bastards John . Great article as always

  2. We live in a different world nowadays. I have been self supporting since I was 17 years old. I started working at age 11, delivering newspapers before and after school, saving my money until I was able to buy a 1956 Hudson, at age 16, paying cash for it. I will never forget the auto salesman’s face. No, they don’t make Hudsons any more. I have done all sorts of jobs, messenger, mail carrier, bus driver, real estate salesman, and loan officer, to name some. But I always preferred to work outdoors, not being confined to an office cubicle. I bought my first home on my own, no co-signors or help from anyone, at age 18. Today’s young men are really soft in comparison to days gone by. I am an old geezer, now, turning 78 in 8 more days, and don’t regret having worked all my life and being independent.

  3. Marovsky says

    Fuck yeah John Grube.

    Painful truth yet to hit the weak!

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