The Strength and Endurance Myth

It’s no secret I am a laborer. And after many years of different training
I have moved more to a manual labor style training after all it’s what I have
done for well over 30 years.

A while back I wanted to see how many times I could dead lift 135 lbs in
1 hour. Never having a number to shoot for I did 505 reps in 1 hour,
totaling 68,175lbs and at one point was close to an old world record for
the most weight lifted in 1 hour.

Some will say that is endurance, and no real strength and of course
I couldn’t care less what people who barely train say. Opinions
are worthless unless they are opinions from people I respect.

So let’s see how this would look to someone who trains heavy and
who is strong. To reach 68,175 lbs with more weight in the dead lift:

315 lbs 218 times
400 lbs 170 times
500 lbs 135 times
600 lbs 112 times
680 lbs 100 times

Look at the numbers and think about it, and how long it might take
to equal that weight. Hell, 315 lbs 218 times is a lot, dead lifting
500 lbs 135 times would be brutal.

Like it or not 135 lbs for 505 reps is world class and not normal
and nothing the average man could come close to.

It was my first time, so next time I will shoot for 550 reps or 600
reps for an hour.

Using nothing but my grip to hold for the entire 50 reps

Hell, most world class strong men couldn’tĀ  dead lift their body weight
for 1 x 50 and I have also dead lifted 30 lbs more then my body weight
for 1 x 50 both my first time after not dead lifting traditional weights for
over 20 years

Using wrist straps to hold on to the bar

Then you have the idiots who believe in fictional characters,
the internet superhero that NEVER shows a video.

Basically people are brain washed into thinkingĀ  that high reps is just
endurance, well I would rather have the strength for 1 hour than strength
that lasts for less then one minute.

And as far as form goes, FUCK form! Form is a gym term, in my world
it’s called picking shit up and moving it from point A to point B!

I have been a labor all my life and have picked up MILLIONS and
MILLIONS of pounds by hand, using my back and have
NEVER been hurt!
But, have been hurt in the gym, the gym teaches
form and sets you up for injury when proper form can not be used
because all weight in the world is NOT a barbell!

What’s the proper form lifting a couch, the proper form carrying
a refrigerator down a flight of steps, or hand trucking 300 lbs
over rough terrain, dragging a deer out of the woods, or pushing
your broken car off the road?

I train for survival, I train to stay as fit and as strong as possible
from now until I am taking from the earth, to be as functional
and to keep my edge as long as possible.

Just trying to show the work capacity it takes to generate that type of
total weight. If you have an hour give it a shot, you want to test your
physical and mental toughness give one hour a shot and see if you can
even walk for the next week! I could!

The worst part is the so called fit/strong men will not even
entertain the thought of dead lifting for 1 hour!

Because most men are normal, I am NOT!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube



  1. Mr grube , you certainly train hard. I have been following your posts for some time. My understanding is you no longer lift weights. You stated that you used to lift heavy weights. Yet, years ago you stopped weight training altogether and switch to bodyweight exercises. Pushups, Up-Dows (Burpees), hill sprints, stuff like that. Do you still believe it is a better way to train ?

  2. the truth lies always in the middle. form is not totally necessary, but i bet you have a good form without knowing or realizing it, just because you do the same stuff everyday and dont have to think about it.
    also, why does it have to be this or that? you can train picking up light stuff many times or heavy stuff for a few times. both ways are good.
    because in real world, sometimes you have to carry a child, sometimes a heavy bag. sometimes this smoetimes that.

  3. BrooklynChuck says


  4. “Anything reps over 15 only builds endurance not strength. Do lower reps” Fuck that shit. People say that because they don’t take the time to actually do high rep bodyweight training to see results. People in jails and prisons do a lot of push ups, sit ups, squats, pull ups, and burpees at ultra high reps, the simple shit, but yet they are so fucking stronger and more conditioned than a fucking gym rat who only lifts weight that is as heavy as his ego.

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