The Strong Are Not Responsible For The Weak

Today driving through town I came along a “Fun Run” it’s one of those useless events where people make all reasons for running/walking it.

What I see is men and women NOT have fun.

Fuck having fun when it comes to training.

How beneficial is barely moving all year, then struggle to walk or run 3 miles?

I train because it has been bred into me since I was a young kid!

I don’t care whether you believe it or not, some people are wired different, some people are raised to raise hell!

The only way I would ever run a faggot fun run would be to do pushups every mile, or carry an 80 lb heavy bag etc.

I have NEVER trained for looks, I trained for destruction. If that offends you or you think I’m just acting like a tough guy, that’s okay.

If you were to ask ANYONE I know now or in the past, and you asked the question, whether I trained for “looks or if I trained to destroy” no one would ever say I trained for looks!

Men actually think if you are strong and fit it’s your responsibility to help all fat or weak men, it’s compassionate bullshit thoughts by weak men!

Critics say I’m angry, they say I need help, they say I’m heartless.

I’m okay with that.

How does a man so nasty not have to be on medication for psychological issues?

How does a nasty man function without the use of booze or drugs?

How does a man who offends the weak and pushes the tearing down of weak men have no criminal record?

Maybe, I’m the fucking normal man, and you are a fucking weak man!

Maybe you need the booze, the drugs, the tv sporting events, porn or gambling to feel like a man, the man who has compassion for other men like you, the weak man!

I train for the physical and mental pain, for preparation of protecting and destroying, nothing else.

Some men just grew up a lot tougher, some men thrive in that lifestyle.

Training to dish out pain and to absorb pain is what training is for, to not get tired physically and mentally when times get tough!

Men who are about compassion are usually men who have been bullied and were never able to stand up for themselves, are now the defender of weakness, yet still emotionally weak.

Hard to believe but I have friends and family that think just like me.

We are ready to fight. We don’t give sympathy to capable people who chose weakness. We laugh and ridicule the degenerate.

I train so I don’t have to be violent, I train so a stupid man on the street will think twice about making a move that will not end in his favor.

I read books by strong men who have same ideas, who have lived the same life, I can’t expect a overly hugged man to understand strength when his whole life has been weakness.

Just because you were raised to think weakness is a sign of strength, it’s not!

It’s not the obligation of the strong to protect people who chose weakness, who chose addiction, who decide to live destructive lives physically and mentally.

Allow the capable weak to defend themselves, it’s the only way they will build strength. If they choose to remain living a feeble life let nature take its course and sort out the unworthy!

Weakness is a sign of weakness, strength is a sign of strength.

From weakness can come strength, but from strength can never come weakness.

If you fall weak it’s because you were never strong!

Johnny Grube


  1. “Maybe, I’m fucking a normal man, and you are fucking weak man!”

    that sentence is a little bit… well, switch fucking with a then it´s correct.

    otherwise, good one!

  2. “We are ready to fight.”

    Pretty much, everyday is a war zone.

    Strength vs. Weak, and the weak are the majority, but strength always prevails.

  3. Good catch Troy, I fixed it. Thanks.

  4. That line right there ….. “Some people are wired differently”

    I agree wholeheartedly. Great article John .

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