The Strong Is Ready To Feast On The Weak

Get your head out of your ass and pay attention!

The society elites are leading socities weak into a uncivilized state of violence in the the guise of social justice.

The sheep are being led to slaughter, the strong are waiting, training, getting angrier every single day while the elites lie, steal and cheat, and misinform the public.

The weak are being led in to a dangerous situation they are not prepared for!

The weak are only gaining strength because law enforcement is on the side of the weak!

A lot of law enforcement men and women are also sheep, they are lead by elected officials and only enforce the laws they are told to enforce, and to look away from others, while pledging an oath to protect and serve the community that pays them!

Where is the honor?

Money and pensions supersedes their honor!

If you watch your city burn, and stand down, you are weak you have no honor!

Law enforcement was respected and looked up to, now they are zombies led by others with the agenda of power!

While we cower and stand down we get what we deserve, a society that has lost control.

While the weak walk around with your head down searching social media you are being watched, you don’t have the safe space you think.

The wolves are there waiting, watching and getting ready to attack!

The weak will be feasted on, occasionally one strays away is caught, and ripped to shreds!

The Strong Will Feast, Soon Enough!

Johnny Grube


  1. Looks like the Dark Age will come again, preparing for war everyday!!

  2. Soldier right fucking here ! They won’t catch me slipping ! Death to the weak . Fuck them they would never hold no honor

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