The Strong Man Who Promotes Weakness and Sympathy!

There was a time men were hard, a time when sympathy wasn’t a word!

Been a Blue Collar worker for over 30 years, and training longer, but NEVER talk injury! I still don’t know why big strong men take injury selfies, and want to show the world they are weak and are vulnerable!

I have seen supposed strong men cry about their marriage falling apart, their alcohol and or drug use, yet still post pictures or videos of strength, at the same time talking about their problems to people that want to give them nothing but sympathy!

Can you really help a person out of their situation by being there for them? Most times no.

It’s why drug and alcohol have low success rates over time, and they are fucking professionals and can’t help these people, but you giving sympathy is going to help, get over yourself!

Do yourself a favor, don’t waste the energy, cut your losses and stop the sympathy! Real brothers and friends don’t make it hard for friends, if they do they have no respect for you!

Nothing weaker then a strong man giving sympathy to a person who chose a path of weakness, sympathy is for loss of life or major catastrophe, not injury! 

Injuries are real! I get it!

We all have them, but it seems men that go to the gym complain more about injury than a middle aged women on menopause.

I work a manual labor job and have had my share of injuries but no one needs to know about them!

If these men, most who spend most of their day sitting at a job can’t manage a workout without injuries can you imagine if they had to use their body to earn a living, they would starve!

I earn a living using my body and have all my life, and I go to work and train with injuries EVERY FUCKING DAY and have for as long as I can remember!

I was taught a long time ago NEVER show weakness, to man, women or child!

And I was taught this not by my dad, but by the meanest, coldest women ever, my mom!

Some say a women can’t raise a man, but I bet a lot of these men who take injury selfies had a man in their life!

Napoleon was raised by his mother, and said “my mother had the body of a women and the head of a man”, that was my mom!

I think 40 or 50 year old men should try to actually be tougher, more durable, than they allow the world to see!

But what do I know? I only weigh 160 lbs I can barely be considered a man, among today’s gym land gorillas, even though I put my body out there everyday working, training, not spending my time in recovery for a training program not really getting you superman results!

Men quote warriors, talk war, are inspired by ancient military battles, think about that for a minute.

Alexander’s army would march entire marathons carrying 100 lb packs and the average weight of a soldier was 145 lbs!!!

By the way that wasn’t paved road they were marching, it was tough fucking terrain!

Do you know if any 200 lb gym guy that can carry 100 lb pack 26 miles?

Spartans served the army from the age 7 to 60, think they sat around giving each other sympathy? FUCK NO!

I get it we are not Spartans, but we are still men, and men don’t put weakness out to the world to have it used against us!

I don’t want to hear the bullshit that if a man can’t share his weakness with others, he is not secure in his manhood, men that say that are the ones that are taking INJURY SELFIES!

Getting your ass kicked in an environment that doesn’t hit back, is a good reason NOT to tell people and brag about it!

Johnny Grube


  1. BrooklynChuck says

    Real men don’t bitch . Real men get the job done , in work , workouts and in the bedroom . Weak men have no honor

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