The Strong Mind, The Weak Mind!

Demanding a lot from yourself is hard!

Even harder when you lead.

No one should ever take much advice from someone who doesn’t demand much of himself.

Not demanding a lot of yourself is disrespectful to you and your family.

Too many people expect a lot from others especially family members like their kids while being a horrible role model.

Weak men expect a lot while rarely giving a lot, they demand from others, and demand nothing of themselves.

It’s easy to demand and to expect a high level from others while you do your best to avoid doing better.

We can all do better, we can all learn more, we can all learn for the strong and the weak.

The strong work to over come struggle, the weak give up.

I have not always done well, I have struggled my whole life, but people demanded more from me, more than I expected from myself.

Eventually, I caught on. You need to be hard on yourself, harder on yourself then anyone else. You can not allow your inner weak mind convince you to make excuses and not take responsibility.

My family needed me to demand more of myself, constant weakness would mean me failing my wife and kids.

The weak mind rules most men, and if you aren’t constantly feeding the strong mind with strong thoughts, you will feed the weak mind with crippling thoughts.

Crippling thoughts weaken the mind to destructive habits that lead to a quitters life.

Whether you realize it or not every second, every thought is feeding the strong mind or the weak mind.

The strong mind builds a strong mind and body, the weak mind cripples the mind and body.

It’s like the native American story of the good wolf and the bad wolf.

When the grandfather tells his grandson the story of the good wolf and the bad wolf, the grandson asks what wolf wins the fight? The grandfather says, the wolf you feed.

Feeding your mind with positive thoughts of rainbows and unicorns is actual negative and feeding the weak mind.

Use negativity to strengthen your mind and body, negativity can feed the strong mind.

Feeding the mind with negative thoughts of reality, of “I’m fucking up” that type of negativity should be a slap in the head, to demand more of yourself.

Always demand more of yourself, never accept long term weakness, it will cripple your mind and body.

Johnny Grube


  1. Great article, keep kicking ass!!

  2. thanks again. this is excellent. these posts are what is needed. strong mind, strong body, strong life.

  3. I’m always at work trying to pick the harder tasks to do and always the first to jump to the tasks others don’t want to do . You are 100% correct when you say every second ,every thought us either feeding the weak mind or strong mind . Another awesome article

  4. Great stuff Johnny. If you don’t demand strength from yourself your family sure will. And if you give them weakness they will lose respect for you. Unacceptable.
    Nice analogy with the wolves too.

  5. Thanks Jared! My writing is not for the majority of men, I really do hate weakness.

  6. Good stuff!

  7. Any thoughts on if functional trainer machines are good for fitness?

  8. Anything is good for fitness if it makes you better. I personally wouldn’t use one, just my preference.


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