The Supplement, Post Workout Drink Myth!

The fitness industry has been pushing all types of supplements,
vitamins powders for years and most people will spend huge
amounts of money on things that have not been proven!

Fat burners were nothing more than massive amounts of caffeine, testosterone builders are proven useless, you are better off eating eggs if you want higher testosterone, and it’s cheaper!

When I was bulking up, before I paid attention to serving size I would spend a lot of money weekly. An example was the weight gain Mega Mass 2,000 and 4,000 I would spend $50 for one huge tub, that would only last one week!

$50 in the late 1980’s was expensive!

But I got smarter and found that I could spend $25 on Joe
Weider weight gain, a lot more servings per can, with less
protein per serving so I added peanut butter, and was in

But along with gallons of whole milk and heavy weights and tons of food I put monstrous weight on.

I have spent tons of money on supplements over the years that may or may have not worked, other than might have made me more potent, seeing I had kids a very young age!

But do you really need a post workout drink? Most post
workout drinks have lots of sugar which negates all you
just did.

Then I look at it this way, I have been a laborer for over 30 years and lifted millions and millions of pounds and have never ever drank a post workout drink, and neither did anyone I worked with and we still were capable of working the next day.

But after working 10 to 12 hours of sweating and lifting we did NOT drink a post workout drink, but guys lift for an hour and they feel they need some type of drink to finish off a job well done, is actually kind of laughable!

May be the post workout drink only works after you lift gym weights.

Of course it is the gym mentality!

But there is no difference if you are lifting weights in the gym or lifting weight on a loading dock.

But of course I will get a bunch of shit from the experts who know
better than me, that after a whole hour you need to replenish.

It’s kinda of like the person who runs a 5K and needs to carb load
or walking a mile and needing a water bottle, it’s fucking laughable!

The fitness and supplement industries have been pushing propaganda, just like every other political, religion and all other organizations to making us believe we can’t succeed without their help!

I’m sure there are a few that work for some or they believe they work, creatine is a supplement that has been tested and has been proven to work, but most others are just pissed away!

Be pissed off, and continue to waste your money

Johnny Grube


  1. BrooklynChuck says

    All a waste of money. Those before us never had these things and succeeded yet they tell us these days weneed this garbage . All Nonsense

  2. BrooklynChuck, Yep all too true. They worry about how they look instead of how functional they are. FUCK SUPPLEMENTS!!!

  3. Our ancestors didn’t worry about these dumbass supplements, but yet, they were way fitter. Even farmers today are much fitter than a muscled up meathead.
    P.S. if a average gym rat is reading this I have only one thing to say to you: go ahead and bitch about this comment.

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