The Unpredictable Man!

The way I write cause some people to think I’m a miserable fuck! In reality I’m pretty fucking happy!

And here is why.

A lot of what I write is to keep me on track, I don’t want weakness in my life, I wasn’t
raised in weakness, I was raised to be the toughest mutha fucker alive!

It was unacceptable to be weak in my house.

I was never allowed to make excuses, I was never allowed to be the victim, everything in my life was
my fault, all my fuck ups, all my fucked up relationships, my failures in school, was all my fault!

So all my life I was forced to do better or fail, no one was bailing me out of anything, sink or fail.

When you are not allowed to make excuses, when no one cares it’s up to you.

The reason I’m happy because I know who I am as a person, I know my strengths and weaknesses,
I know I’m fucked up, people take me the wrong way, I offend a lot of people and I have always been
fine with it.

I’m good when I need to be, and merciless fuck when pissed! Unpredictability
is powerful, no one knows
when you will lose your mind, but the great thing is
am I really losing my mind, or am I really in control?

I have never been one to follow others, followers are weaklings!

The majority of followers are unhappy because others control their point of
view , they are acting on
the thinking of others.

Men that idolize professional athletes, wear their clothing, fat men that wear fucking super hero
shirts that looks like a belly shirt on them, these people are followers they feel they are part of a
tribe, weakness!

An example are men who go to the movies and get hard watching the latest Superhero
movie, instead of
watching it, try being more like a super hero, be a super hero to your
wife and kids!

Every one of these Hollywood men playing a super hero are left wing nut jobs who are the weakest
fucks with a mob mentality, they support the destruction of American values, they support pedophiles
and the rape of women, fuck these faggots!

The media and TV push and normalize homosexuality, racism, transgenderism, and they know eventually
the more people are exposed to these messages the more people will sucked into their warped way of thinking!

I prefer the unpredictable man he keeps you on your toes, you know he can’t be walked over, people
are more polite to someone unpredictable, and they are less likely to get fucked with!

So where am I going with this?  With the collapse of strong men, and the rise of the mindless heard, the
collapse of American and family values, the unpredictable man, the man that can’t be forced into
the way
of thinking that today’s society is spewing is more valuable than ever, walking with a
fucking attitude scares today’s weak society, they step out of your way and hope they don’t ever get on
your bad side!

Be unpredictable and fuck shit up!

Johnny Grube


  1. Fuck yeah, I don’t follow the masses, especially when it comes to christianity!! WE ARE ALL UNPREDICTABLE!!!

  2. FUCK YEAAAA!!!!! This article knocked it out the fucking park

  3. Nicholas Hobson says

    I think the reason why people get so offended nowadays is because they are so used to being comforted with lies, that when they hear the truth, they can’t take it. If everybody spoke their mind all the time like you do, everybody would be used to hearing the truth so would be a lot less likely to be offended as a result. That is what I think. By the way I am not offended at all by anything you have said on this site. I love the fact that you always speak your mind and say exactly what you think. I am the same, I always say what is on my mind too. Keep up the great work.

  4. @Nicholas Hobson

    Well said

  5. @Nicholas Hobson

    100% absolute truth, I couldn’t agree more.

  6. @Nicholas Hobson

    Kind of like how many ego-driven, drugged up gym rats wanna believe that they are the “superheroes” of the fitness culture due to the fact that they can lift heavy weights one time and looking as big as possible. But once they have to do hard labor OUTSIDE the gym, they will realize how weak they actually are.

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