The Weak Man Is Degernate Man

Lately I have been called a Nazi, Racist and Fascist.

Any man who uses these terms should be ridiculed and laughed at, they are part of the victim class of a degenerate society of weaklings.

I own their minds!

They are emotional like a girl.

They feel morally better taking up and fighting against strong opinions that offend weak pathetic males.

Name calling is the first sign they still live in a world that has bullied them into hiding indoors hidden away from men they feel are mean!

These males do this because they can’t get laid, are weak and have no friends.

They’re weak males with useless opinions no one wants to hear.

I own their mind!

Everyone is capable of strength, but it’s easier to be weak. It’s easier to look for sympathy, make excuses, blame others, easier to play the victim, than to take responsibility for your weak thoughts, weak decisions and weak actions.

You are what most men despise, a man who chooses weakness, a man that needs society to defend you.

The real degenerate is the man that  chooses weakness.

The weak man is a leper, a diseased man, physically and mentally.

Fight everyday!

Weakness is waiting for you to fuck up, to take over your life.

Johnny Grube


  1. “Fight everyday.”

    Hell yeah, everyday is the day to get ready for battle, physically and mentally.

    I did 100 prisoner squat thrusts to get my day started.

  2. John,

    Please do not go. I love your daily rants. I come on here just about everyday to hear your thoughts on fitness training and society. Reading your words in like an ice cold shower. It wakes me up.

  3. @ Marovsky
    A great start to the day. Start as you mean to go on!

  4. I find it ironic that certain people apply the word “fascist ” to anyone who has an opinion different to theirs. I think that makes them fascists themselves. It also makes them gutless contemptible little shits.

  5. Good job Marovsky

  6. These are weak,pathetic smart ass pussies! They make fun of Vets,which I am. They know you can’t smack the shit out of them,because they’re safe behind their computer screens. I’ve even told them where I live,and to tell me these insults to my face. They never will,because they’re all talk,and no action. They like to attack verbally in groups,against just one person. They love to start right with the insults first. Especially if your a Trump supporter. I exacerbate them so much they finally give up,and back down. lol

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