The Weak Will Give Up Easier, Are Easier To Control, And Manipulate.

The government now knows American citizens are cowards and will give up freedom for safety!

The formally educated today are some the easiest to control, they have been controlled and brainwashed for years by academia!

The weak and self imposed sick are a plague to society, they are easily controlled and manipulated by authority.

The weak and sick give up easier, they have no physical or mental toughness, they lack the basic skill of common sense.

They lack self respect! Anyone who lacks SELF respect isn’t capable of giving respect.

The weak take NO responsibility for anything, they blame others, and expect others to keep them safe, housed and food in their mouth.

Stay away from these people, if you have family like this avoid them. If you have friends like this drop them or you’re an idiot.

Life is way to short to spend time with people who you have nothing in common or are completely incompatible with.

Lack of personal responsibility is weakness and is incompatible with having personal responsibility, strength!

The weak and self imposed sick are responsible for themselves!



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