This workout is a 14 minute non stop knock down drag out ass kicker.

Here is a great functional workout that will build a different type of
strength a strength that will have you ready to be strong and

The workout is a 14 minute non stop knock down drag out ass

Punch and kick the heavy bag for 1 minute. Drop down for
1 minute of Prisoner Squat Thrusts, try for around 20 a minute.

Repeat this non stop for 5 rounds. Now for the 4 minutes you
will do Wildman Heavy bag shoulder cleans (these will build a
great body awareness and build great strength when you need it)

I use a 100lb bag and for one 1 minute you clean it to the shoulder
for one minute as many times as you can and drop it down and repeat
after 1 minute switch to the other side do not stop continue switching
sides for 4 minutes.

Drop down while breathing heavy throw a 25lb plate on your chest and
do 100 situp crunches legs should be crossed and in the air to keep tension
to the lower abs.

Then I finished off with a few superman roll outs with the ab wheel from a
standing position.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Looking forward to starting your program just had some cysts removed from back and got stitches, but will be ready to get myself motivated thanks

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