The World Has Gone Crazy, And Society Has Shown Their True Weakness!

We have gone crazy! Weakness is running rampant through our society!

We have allowed government and media to scare us in our homes, than seeing how easy it was to heard the sheep they started throwing around their political weight around by making it required!

Are we fucking crazy giving the government this power, it comes from weakness, nothing but scared fucks all of a sudden scared of dying from a virus that has killed less then the flu.

If your sick stay in, if you are fat and sick stay in.

Why should I care about a person who destroyed their health for years?

They didn’t care about themselves, why should I?

Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to get this china virus, but I also don’t want to get the flu, its why I almost ALWAYS practice social distancing and washing my hands something I have done almost my entire life

But to shut down society, kill the economy, to save a few is crazy.

Anyone think of the lives of people that will no longer have a job?

What about people filling time with drugs and alcohol, what about domestic violence? Suicide? 

It’s like people that treat themselves like shit, and say “you are going to die of something” all of a sudden are locking themselves away afraid of dying!

 If YOU think it’s better to shut down society because all of a sudden you are afraid of a virus that almost EVERYONE survives you are a big fucking coward!

Stay Healthy,

Johnny Grube



  1. WORD!

  2. Me personally, I don’t understand when people are supporting martial law.

  3. Tredwell Abrams says

    Well, on the positive side, the at home exercising and using everyday objects for high rep, durability style fitness and training is still working. More and more people are seeing the value in our ‘style’ of training now that the commercial gyms are shut down. I hope this trend continues to grow and eventually causes more awareness to what strength and conditioning truly is vs bodies/joints destroyed from over training with weight you can’t handle without performance enhancing drugs (PED)and methodologies written by the PED culture. Glad to see your still writing and fighting the fight!

  4. @Tredwell Abrams Says

    Very well said . This was an awesome article as always . We need not shutdown a productive country due to pitiful beings who can’t take care of themselves . I’m all for the get on board or get left behind strategy. Can’t wash your hands, can’t eat right , can’t exercise then fuck you you deserve what you get . How i see it atleast

  5. Tredwell nice to hear from you, and I doubt it will help many they are brainwashed about training like the majority are about this lockdown!

  6. Tredwell Abrams says

    Your probably right Johnny, but we will continue to bring knowledge to the masses whether they like it or not. I will retire from the Corps this year and enter the job market. Your training principals have given me the enduring strength to know that I will be fine for another 30 years. I am glad that you are continuing to write and instruct on this website. I also continue to try to teach my younger Marines the value of enduring strength vs popular culture body building. It is a tough fight to have.

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