The worlds #1 weight loss secret !

Americans are obsessed with diets! Fat people want to lose weight.
We have been suckered into thinking that there is some kind of
weight loss secrets. Guess what ? There is one secret.

It’s not a pill. It’s not a shake. It’s not stomach surgery. It’s
not the grapefruit diet. Or the cookie diet. It’s not the fasting
diet or any other diet.

There is no perfect diet. Some will help you lose weight and some
can put you in danger. We think way to much into this. It’s not
that complicated. The funny thing is once people believe something
it’s almost impossible to change their mind.

If it’s on t.v. or in the newspaper or on the radio most will believe
that it’s right. Diets do work short term. But very few ever  keep
their weight loss off for good.

I have written about this before, you are your own worst enemy.
You choose what you do and what you eat. McDonald’s didn’t get
you fat. Burger King didn’t get you fat. Oh Yeah your beer didn’t
get you fat, you got you fat.

You chose to pull through the drive through window, you chose that
extra cocktail at dinner. So if you want to know the problem then get
up go to a mirror and look in it. It’s you.

You are the problem. If you over eat blame yourself. Don’t blame
anyone but you. If you need help get it. Their is no excuses except the
ones you make.

So if you want the one weight loss secret, then here it is.


Shut your mouth. Run away from the table if you have to. Say no. It’s easier
then you think. If you don’t know the foods that are good for you and the ones
that add no value, you have a problem.

As always would love to hear any comments or advice

Johnny Grube


  1. Hi, while I agree that people are their own worst enemy when it comes to weight loss, you might admit some people do not have the same luxury as others in weight loss. For instance, my husband can eat well (low cal, fresh healthy meals) and work out 6 days a week and not lose the same amount of weight that another man might. For him, even one slip up in the kind of calories he eats can set him back in his weight loss goals. I think your article may be a little bit simplistic. I think there are other factors which can contribute to weight gain, such as metabolism.

  2. I think people need to focus on a proper way of eating as opposed to a “diet”. A “way of eating” becomes how you think about what you put in your body and how it effects you for the long term, not some “oh I’ll drink nothing but lemonade or water for a week to fit into that dress”. It’s about being fit and healthy for the rest of your life, and never again giving in to crap like soda, candy, cake, etc, which was designed with the intent of being addicting so that people will buy more and more. The people who make those “food products” are not doing it for the well being and happiness of other humans, they only care about how much money they can make while others get fat and sick off their junk food.

    I like your site because you don’t coddle people, you get straight to the point. Great work, not everyone has the guts to do that, since so often we’re taught to “just be nice” even if it means sidestepping the truth. Also, your workout suggestions have been great, I stick to 15-20 minute intense workouts, and I feel excellent and stronger than ever.

  3. Charles Long says

    Right on. People want to sue McDonald’s or Coke because they are fat or get diabetes but it’s their own fault. It’s just like when people sue tobacco companies for their lung cancer. Hello? You wouldn’t have got it if you wouldn’t have smoked in the first place. Same thing with food and drink.

  4. You hit the nail on the head. I have a mother that weighs 270 and is still going to KFC for dinner on a regular basis. Unreal!

  5. DISAPLINE! whether its credit, speeding, or getting to sleep at night, or EATING, its basically disapline. some have it….some don’t and NEVER WILL. They look at it as a sacrifice, instead of a INVESTMENT, There’s the problem, it’s a mindset. You have to put a value on your health..if you have no value in being healthy, or tickect free, or debt free, or always tired and sleepy, Than you will always be playing DEFENSE with you health..rather than playing offense like HEALTHY PEOPLE! I have a email from a lady i would like to share with you some time. No body hates their bar tender, or waiter or waitress, or the movie boy who talks you in to buying a bigger popcorn and larger pop for a QUARTER more. or the waiter who talks you in to desert or the bar tender shoving drinks your way! but when we trainers push you out of your comfort zone or make you do the exercise you hate like push ups. They whine like a hungry baby… being super fit is not for EVERYONE but being a drain on the heath care system should be illegal! NEVER QUIT Get a GRIP AMERICA!

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