Think and Grow Stupid

Have you ever listened to the self-help gurus and read the books that are classics?

Books like ” Think and Grow Rich, ” The Master Key System  and the new book ” The Secret”.

All these books, for the most; lead you to believe that if you think about it you can get
what ever you want. So why am I writing a blog about this? Almost everyone looks for
the easy way out, so if you read these types of books they will lead you to believe
that if you just sit around and think about it great things will happen.

It Will never happen.

We have been bombarded with information and we get all this information and then
we get confused as to what we should do.

Everyone wants to think that they can get fit and healthy by buying a pill a drink or
a machine that promises a six-pack of abs in 3 minutes.

When it comes to our health and fitness we like to get complicated and do the best
we can to get the quickest results with the least amount of work.

If you had to go grocery shopping would you sit there and think and visualize about
food getting in your cabinets? Or would you have to physically go to the store. If
your grass needed cut would you just think about the grass getting cut or would you
have to get off your ass and cut it?

So whats the key:


This how it is with your health and fitness you need to take action, the only way to
get fit is to workout and sweat the only way to get healthy is to make better choices.

We make everything way to complicated when it comes to our health and fitness, it’s
pretty simple eat as natural as possible and exercise, if this is to complicated eat less
and exercise more.

Plain and simple and you don’t need a whole book for this information. Just exercise
and eat foods that are as close to nature as possible and drink plenty of clean water.

There is no health, fitness guru or any doctor that can argue this point.

Eat less, exercise more.

Eat plenty of natural foods.

Drink plenty of clean water.

Go ahead and argue this point.

Toughness builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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