This Country is on Life Support.

This country is on life support.

Think about it for a minute. We are fat, sick and
weak. Experts tell you that obesity is a disease.
Medical research continues to contradict it’s self.

So, like other disease is obesity contagious? Seems
to be, everywhere you turn you see the obesity
epidemic at work. If you listen to the media and
any other form of communication whether television,
the internet, magazines, infomercials etc you would
start to get nervous, why?

Because obesity is an epidemic which usually means
more and more people will become more effected by
this disease. How come people worry about other
life threatening disease’s but not the fat disease.

“The Fat Attack” this is the problem right? It causes
more disease then any one thing. It causes high
blood pressure, heart failure, strokes, diabetes,
cancer just to name some of our biggest killers,
so why do will continue to live the dirty lifestyle?

We have been bombarded with prescription medication,
everywhere you turn there is a new drug on the market
for whatever problem you have. Yet, every one of these
drugs advertised has other deadly side effects, so how
can the government allow this to go on? One word,

Why would anyone risk heart attack or stroke? Wouldn’t
it make more sense for people to just clean up their

We live longer today only because when we try to
kill ourselves, medical research keeps us alive with
prescription medications. It’s life support for many.

I think more and more men and women need to look
a little father ahead every time they eat what they
shouldn’t or smoke that cigarette or pound those
beers. Remember, all choices come with consequences
good or bad.

I need to know am I wrong here? Am I the only one
who sees this?

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. You’re right on John, my feelings exactly. You’re a great role model for all of us. Good luck with your contest!! Hope to catch up with you afterward for some phone consult.

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