This is not a health food!!

Chocolate covered nuts.

This past weekend I went back to New Jersey to see my 2 kids and
my grandson. While I was there I stopped in at the Amish farmers
market. I bought some homemade peanut butter and some

But being me I like to watch other people interact. What I found is that
people think that chocolate covered nuts are a healthy snack. There

A lot of health food stores push a lot of unhealthy things. Foods like
certain protein bars which in some cases have more sugar then
a snickers bar.

All health food stores now push these energy drinks and these drinks
are extremely dangerous; I will tell you my story about these energy
drinks and what they will do to you.

But back to the chocolate covered nuts, A few will not hurt, but nuts are
already really calorie dense and if you add the chocolate and the extra
sugar you can almost double the calories.

Extra calories is what we don’t need. When in doubt read, read and read
some more, the labels will tell you almost all you need to know. Eating
doesn’t have to be boring you can still enjoy eating without all the extra

For the men and women that have their situations under control it’s o.k
to slip once in a while but if you are struggling stay away it will only
hurt you in the long run.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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