This may offend you!

I think most people are missing the point of being physically fit and healthy.
First, if you think that with all the new training ideas and the better supplements
and better science you will get stronger, quicker burn more fat you are
just kidding yourself.

Second, everyone thinks they have the best information on nutrition and
training, most stick with one principal and never change their plan of

Third, with all the science and new training ideas and supplements we
are getting sicker, becoming fatter, becoming softer and weaker and
health care is killing us.

I really can care less about the opinions of men and women that
have all the answers, I can care less about who I offend. I can care
less if you have been training for a whole six months and have gotten
huge results.

For most men and women health and fitness will never be a way life.
Most will start a training program and stop, start then stop. These
people will always be kidding themselves and these are the same
people that know all there is to know about a healthy lifestyle.

I can care less about the opinions that people learn from books and
never ever put in the time of sweat and pain. The only people I listen
to are men and women who really truly live the clean life.

If I want to learn how to grow my money and business I want to learn from
someone that has built a fortune from nothing, not someone who has no
money and can’t pay their own bills. If I want to learn about fitness and
health I want to seek out the most physically fit and the healthiest.

Not the hippie freaks who wear the earth shoes and burn incense.
I’m talking about the person that real and truly lives this life the
person that eats right, the person that doesn’t smoke and do
drugs the person that can live without drinking.

As a matter of fact the only reason people drink is to escape
a life they don’t enjoy, plain and simple. Don’t like it, I don’t

Oh Yeah, if you are a ” fitness Guru” or bodybuilder and your facebook
has you pigging out and falling over drunk, probably not good for
you reputation.

The reason I’m so in love with bodyweight training is because in the 30 years
I have been training I have never been in better shape, gave up the weights
kettle bells, machines, because I don’t want to depend on any equipment
for my development. I do have some equipment, but barely ever use it.

I do use a 100lb heavy bag and jump rope pretty regularly and of course
my bodyweight and I will never need anything else. A bodyweight program
is something everyone can use no matter where you are or what you are doing
or how much time you have you can get a serious workout in no time at all.

Try this simple workout if you can.

Simple, Jump rope 1 minute as fast as possible get at least 100 times. Drop
and do 1 minute of pushups, as fast as possible with no rest. Then repeat
6 times. Total of 3 sets jump rope and 3 sets of pushups.

It sounds pretty easy, nothing to it. Try this easy 6 minute workout.

Most workouts are warmups until the end of the workout so why not
jump right in get it done.

Toughness Builds Winners
Johnny Grube

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