Thousands of reps Build Physical and Mental Toughness

It’s rare I write a Sunday email, but sometimes I do things
that don’t make a lot of sense. Like to some people thousands
of reps is useless and will hurt my body over time. I love the
experts that tell me my limits, and what my body can handle.

Can anyone think of many men that trained doing thousands
of reps and have a broken up body?

How many men that are in their 20’s and 30’s train heavy
with weights complain about injuries and are in constant

I trained less, lifted heavy, rested more and spent a lot of
time in recovery.

Over 30 years of training and moving millions of pounds over
30 years working manual labor and people still tell me how
the body should be used and my limits.

Jack Lalanne trained 2 hours everyday using light weights
doing calisthenics and swimming doing thousands of reps.
Never heard of his marathon running or his 400 lb
bench press.

I no longer train by doing anything that doesn’t help me
get to my goals, just to satisfy the bodyweight community.

I don’t write much about one arm pushups,flags,doing pistols
or one arm pullups. I’m not interested in things that I have
found to be a waste of my time.

Anything I do using one arm is one arm superman pushups, and
I don’t do them often.

If one arm or leg training is for you great work at it, and
be great at it.

Since I started training doing high reps my body has healed,
my mental focus is amazing. Most will try a couple of high
rep training sessions find they are weak physically and mentally
and quit for a program with less reps and more rest time.

My training has been tested by many people and it has helped
me out of situations that I know I would have failed using most
other training programs followed by the majority.

Without practice I tested myself in timed lake swim of 1 hour
no rest.

Caught in the swollen Allegheny river for 1 1/2 dragging a kayak
up a mountain side threw it on my shoulder and walked 3 miles back
to home base never putting the kayak down.

And the other week took up the 1×50 dead lift mental toughness
challenge using your bodyweight on the bar and doing one set
of 50 reps using no wrist wraps even though I haven’t done
any traditional dead lifting in 20 plus years. Think it’s
easy go try it, it should only take a few minutes! And if you
give it a try thank Eric Guttmann and Bud Jeffries for the
pain you might suffer!

Dead lift video

Just today finished 2,650 bench dips in 1 hour getting ready
for 4,600 bench dips at the end of February. And I will get
up tomorrow and train again!

So try something that will test your limits not the limits
everyone on forums or so called experts tell you can’t do!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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  1. I do something similar with heaviest dumbbell i can get (93 pounds): deadlifting it as many times as possible in 5 minutes while switching arms every rep.

  2. Another hi rep exercise that will build grip strength is doing curls with db and switching hands w/o putting it down after each rep. Experts tell us that forearm muscles can benefit from high reps. Exercises with iso bow and stands can also be done in hi reps.
    But the deadlift idea sound like a total body strength and conditioning exercise.

  3. BodyweightReallyIsBetter says

    I never used to do high rep workouts for two reasons:

    1) I thought they would not build strength or muscle

    2) They were exhausting

    Now that I’ve switched from gym weights to bodyweight, I have corrected both my thinking and my ways.

  4. Muhammad mahmood says

    hi there,
    I’ve been training since 16 years of age and have tried hundreds of different methods and styles. This website provides the best advice and methods for training that helps in real life just like the army.
    keep up the good work bro and keep pushing those limits.

  5. Henrique says

    Hey Johnny. What you think to make a post where you talk about the indian wrestlers called the “pehlwani”? They have workouts with extreme high reps in dands and baithaks (and some subtle variations of these exercises), and i wanted to know your thoughts about these man, like Great Gama.
    Cheers from Brasil.
    Ps: needless to say your way of thinking helped me a lot with fit and weightloss.

  6. I have done 10 sets of 100 push ups. Equals to 1000 push ups.

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