Today’s Men Lack Primal Ball Juice!

Men today lack testosterone, it’s lower then it’s ever been.

Testosterone is essential for a man to stay a man.

Young guys are so pathetic, they go right to testosterone therapy instead of actually working hard, then write about masculinity and their “Red Pill” theory they know nothing about!

Today men are getting weaker, fatter, more effeminate, having less kids, refuse marriage and spend more time on porn then actually getting laid.

Men are programmed to get sex, NOT watch porn!

Men today spend more time playing video games, playing on their phone, wasting time on social media, watching porn and drinking girly coffee drinks, trying to make friends with women, now get this; to actually be friends!

No time in history has men ever wanted a women as a friend!

The elites know the effects of men and porn but the elites never seem to bother that industry!

Men think they know what their talking about at 26 years old, in reality they listen to other men who were never strong or physically fit or ever got laid. They take marriage advice from men who have never been married or have ever been in a long term relationship!

Did you know young men are taking Viagra to get hard ons because they watch excessive porn?

If you aren’t waking up with a hard on regularly you ARE getting weaker, physically and mentally!

Men have stopped being men and believe it or not it’s been part of the elites plan for making men a weaker gender.

The elites are anyone who has an agenda to control our well being, our social engineering, our food, water, our health, our health care, our freedom!

They control the population!

The elites push men into college debt then to non physical jobs, they lock them in a co ed work environment where they must be kept down by human resources, which wouldn’t exist if men and women worked separate. Then the men sit all day, and the only exercise they get are walking outside to smoke.

They are so beat down they will eat fast food, drink soda and eat out of vending machines, while transforming in to soft dough boy with a sagging chest and big belly!

The elites know cholesterol is the building block of testosterone so they put men on cholesterol drugs to lower testosterone.

Elites tell men to stop eating animal protein, like steak and whole eggs and eat more more plants, grains that have no cholesterol.

Grains break down into sugar and sugar reduces testosterone!

Do you know many vegans that have a lot of children?

Men than buy low sugar, low calorie and low fat foods while eating more and getting more calories than if they ate the full fat version.

To boost ball juice

Eat meat and eggs! 


Drink water!

Eliminate as much sugar as possible.

Don’t watch porn, compete for and fuck women!

Be active as much as you can all day!


Intermittent fasting!

Short intense exercise!

Be a man among men in this declining society of diseased weakness!

Johnny Grube


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  3. Elites.

    The U.S is still a British crown colony. The United States if America does not exist. What exists is the United States Corporation. The British Crown is controlled by the Rothschild banking family. They are the true British Monarchy. The same Rothschild family who established the state of Israel. They print America’s money and have controlling stock of the biggest banks in New York and London. They also control the major oil companies.

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