Toughen up sissies

Are you a cry baby ? Do you complain ? Do you blame everyone else for your
problems? If so, Toughen up. When most people have a problem they rather
tell everyone about the problem instead of figuring a way out of the problem.

Life is to short to spend around people who complain and never do a damn thing
about their situation. Instead of complaining move forward. Do something, there
is usually always away out.

If you give in your done. Times today can be tough, and we need to be tough and
stay tough. Most people will give in. The people that don’t give in will get what they
want. Because they don’t know the meaning of the world “QUIT”.

Don’t spend your time with the cry-babies or complainers who want to
bring you down and get you unhappy. Spend time with people who can
help you get ahead who will give you motivation.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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