Toughness Builds Winners

Today in these times we have become sorry, fat and sick. Look around, look at the
people you work with, listen to all their problems and aliments. Today everybody
wants you to know how tough they have it. Almost everyone wants a hand out.
Nobody wants to work. People miss work with bull shit excuses and still want to
get paid.

Why would anybody go to work to a job they hate when they know that they can
sit home and collect a pay check? I wonder why the economy is so bad and jobs
are lost. As soon as someone approaches a dead beat about their performance
and time lost from work they become hostile and want to file complaints and
sue you for harassment.

Toughness is how you get by. Not by getting hand outs and having people take
care of you. Look at our health care, who’s fault is it? Yours! We pay because
everyone is fat and sick with disease and mental problems. They can’t sleep,
they can’t work, they can’t drive, but no one has trouble eating.

Look at how we treat our kids. In school everyone who plays a sport gets
a trophy. In sports they all get to play, which I do agree with to a point but
as they get older the good ones play the others sit the bench.

We are taught nothing about hard work. The ones that work hard are the ones
that want to do better so they will do better.

Being tough is knowing there is a problem and is the key to moving forward. If you
are fat eat less and exercise. Don’t have a jobĀ  get a job don’t hold out
for a great job, one will come, so go to work. Got mental issues work it out and stop
taking drugs and drinking booze, you are your own worst enemy.

Don’t like it ? Tough!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Great article John. toughness does build winners. Americans have gotten fat, sick, and lazy. My workers are fat, sick and lazy. They want to make up bull shit excuses. I’m 53 yrs. old, and follow your training programs. I try to train daily. It’s not easy, tough but fun. I figure everytime I do a workout that is tough, it makes me a little bit tougher all the way around. thanks for the great blog and training materials. Keep training hard – you are an inspiration to me!!!! Kind regards.

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