Train For Yourself!

When I post videos on my blog it’s because I want people to know that I can actually do the things I write about.

What I write about isn’t for most people, I’m not into helping beginners or holding the hands of grown men.

Most of what I write about is from my 37 years of training, so what I’m 5’7 and weigh 160 lbs I was 5’7 and weighed 240 lbs, so why the fuck does it matter?

The difference between me and most others is after 37 years of training and over 30 years working manual labor jobs I’m still at it.

I had to adjust my training over the years to what works for me.

So, 55 lbs is laughable, no depth, bad form and lack of range of motion, does this look like a gym exercise?

Does it look like I’m in an exercise competition?

No, I’m just lifting it 645 times in 8 minutes for me!

Give it a shot, see what happens in that short amount of time.

Durability is the key, working through old injuries, not making excuses, not trying to get the respect of some strength coach, or weak fitness guru!

I train for me, I train to survive and to be able stomp the shit out of someone, and it hasn’t failed me yet!

Train For You

Johnny Grube



  1. You got that right John Grube. It seems like lots of people who workout in a gym, not only train for the sake of ego and vanity, they also workout just to grab respect from others so they can feel special. As for you deadlifting a 55 lb backpack 645 times, of course people will ridicule you because it looks weird to them, but as soon as they try to replicate it, they will find themselves failing to complete it because their body is used to these bullshit gym terms they call “range of motion” and “form”, along with lifting excessively heavy and doing low reps. If an average gym rat were to replicate your training, he would not only be put on his ass afterwards because it was too much for him, he would also injure himself for even trying. It’s pretty sad how low fitness has dropped in this modern era. People don’t respect simple and brutal workouts anymore and they would often times wonder why all this marketing bullshit isn’t helping them, along with buying expensive gym membership which is really a waste of money, they don’t get the results they want, and would take an individual years for the “perfect body” they want.

  2. Fuck form and range of motion . It’s all about getting busy ! What you’re doing in that video would demolish the average gym goer. You mentioned in an article years ago how you like to take an exercise or two and just work at it hard and short and after years your motto is still the same and effective . I got a ton of respect for you John . Thanks for always keeping it real and brining these excellent videos and articles.

    Would love to see more of the video rants, maybe like a series or something .Thanks again

  3. Nicholas Hobson says

    Definitely not laughable at all. 55 pounds, 645 times equals 35,475 pounds so that is 35,475 pounds in 8 minutes or 4434 pounds every minute which is just over 2 tons, (I am From England so 1 ton is 2204.6 pounds) which is actually quite impressive. Anyone who says it isn’t is talking Shit.

  4. @Nicholas Hobson
    I fully agree. If you also run some numbers for people who lift heavy weights at the gym. Most lift excessively heavy for low reps. For example, deadlifting 200 lbs they would do reps up to five. 200 x 5 = 1000 pounds moved. That is still weak compare to someone who does high rep work, which at the end they moved so many pounds, they will always be stronger than a gym rat.

  5. @Chuck
    It seems that people in the gym aim for perfection rather than function. No wonder these weakling would suck ass in most sports. Hell, even a farmer would kick their ass in any sport.

  6. @Marovsky

    I agree wholeheartedly. No way they could last in sports . High reps is the way to go hands down .

  7. Glen MacCharles says

    Perfect form is for pussies.

  8. All that matters is that you get what you put in.

  9. Yes it is!

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